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It's important to us that we remain transparent about the way we do things through our reports. We also take our responsibility to all customers in Greater Sydney seriously, and want to keep you informed. The publications on this page are all about how we govern our business and let you know about the things we do.

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Customer guides

Our customer guides will help you to use our products and services.

Publication What the publication's about

Home haemodialysis (76.1KB)

Information about allowances for water use for customers using haemodialysis machines at home.

How to protect your fish (34.5KB)

6 simple steps to condition our tap water for use in your aquarium.

Water meter installation guide (945KB)

Information for licensed plumbers on how to install a water meter.

Water meter maintenance guide (496KB)

Information for customers on how to maintain their water meters.

Multi-level metering guide (1MB)

Information for licensed plumbers on how to install water meters in multi-level buildings.

How we respond to breaks and leaks (114KB)

Explains how we rely on customers to identify leaks and breaks and what we'll do about these reports.

Waterwrap newsletters

These are the newsletters we send to residential customers with each bill.

Newsletter edition What's in the newsletter

Waterwrap – May–July 2022

More unflushables from Bob, current water quality information, how WaterFix Residential can help you save, tips to maintain your meter, 1 July price change, and where we are on our reconciliation journey.

Waterwrap – February–April 2022

Water Wise Guidelines, how to get help with your bill, Annual Report, your contract and water quality information.

Waterwrap – November 2021–January 2022

Our new website, what you can flush down the loo, how to save water at home, support if COVID-19 has affected your income and the high quality of your water.

Waterwrap – August–October 2021

Our water conservation campaign 'Turn it off Bob', Sydney Desalination Plant update, IPART-approved environmental projects, our complaints procedure and water quality information.

Business update newsletters

These are the newsletters we send to business (non-residential) customers with each bill.

Newsletter edition What's in the newsletter

Business update – May–July 2022

New prices from 1 July, how your wastewater usage discharge factor (WUDF) affects your bill, when you’re entitled to rebates, deferring payments, and how we monitor your water quality.

Business update February–April

Our partnership with the Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia to tackle fats, oil and grease in wastewater, working for you behind the scenes, help with your bill and keeping your water safe.


We publish many reports on our performance to the government, our regulators and our customers. We also produce research and environmental reports to inform our plans and strategies.

Leaks and breaks

Report title What the report's about

Response times – water main breaks and leaks (204KB)

This report analyses our performance in 2018–19 against the response times required under our Operating Licence 2015–2020.


Report title What the report's about

Creating a circular economy precinct (Institute for Sustainable Futures) (1706KB)

This report, prepared by the Institute for Sustainable Futures, promotes discussion around creating a circular economy precinct in Sydney, including processing organics from wastewater to create valuable by-products.

EPA pollution monitoring data reports

These webpages include the results of our water quality testing at our wastewater treatment plants, water filtration plants, the St Marys Advanced Water Treatment Plant, and air pollution reports.

Annual environmental performance report 2019–20 (1012KB)

This report analyses our performance against our special objectives, as required by the Sydney Water Act 1994 and our environmental performance indicators.

Quality management

Report title What the report's about

Quality management system (QMS) – Compliance and performance report

This report analyses our performance against our quality management system, as required under our Operating Licence.


Report title What the report's about

Sewage treatment system impact monitoring reports

This webpage includes our wastewater monitoring plan and reports of the impact of each of our wastewater systems on the environment.

Water efficiency

Report title What the report's about

Rainwater tank monitoring report (1006KB)

This report is a 12-month study of water and energy use for 52 actual installations of rainwater tanks in Greater Sydney. These installations were in new homes and built under BASIX requirements.

Water conservation report 2020–21 (2.6MB)

This report outlines our water conservation plan for the next 5 years and reports on the water savings from our water conservation programs for 2020–21.

Water conservation report 2019–20 (1.6MB)

This report outlines our water conservation plan for the next 5 years and reports on the water savings from our water conservation programs for 2019–20.

Water conservation report 2018-19 (1.6MB)

This report outlines our water conservation plan for the next 5 years and reports on the water savings from our water conservation programs for 2018–19.

Water quality and quantity

Report title What the report's about

Daily drinking water report

Insert your address to see the daily report confirming the performance of our water filtration plants and water delivery systems.

Weekly water supply report

Check how much water we supplied Greater Sydney using water from our water filtration plants.

Water analysis

Select 'Water quality report' and insert your address to see a full analysis of the drinking water in your area.

Research and innovation

Report title What the report's about

Adapting the East (5.5MB)

This report covers 3 case study areas to analyse current and future heat impacts to people and infrastructure in Eastern Sydney. It includes how adaptation planning can help reduce heat stress and infrastructure heat failure in the future.

Cooling Western Sydney (6.9MB)

This report looks at the role of water in mitigating urban heat in Western Sydney by orienting development around a blue-green grid of parklands and waterways.

Research and innovation highlights 2021 (5MB)

This report showcases a selection of our research and innovation highlights from 2021. From the Sydney Water Innovation Festival to using artificial intelligence to predict tree root intrusion to sewers, this publication celebrates all things innovation.

Research and innovation highlights 2019–20 (2.6MB)

This report covers research and innovation in a challenging year where we faced extreme drought and unprecedented bushfires. The report includes over 170 projects, ranging from Internet of Things sensors and digital meters to urban cooling and liveability initiatives.

Research and innovation highlights 2018–19 (1866KB)

Covering over 170 research and innovation projects including the approval of the new research and innovation strategy, this document shows how we're bringing people and ideas together to do things differently.

Water smart homes in Greater Sydney: A field guide for the future (13.5MB)

This report presents the research from Stream 2 of a 3-part project conducted by the Institute for Sustainable Futures for Sydney Water. It explores how smart technologies may transform water-use practices in commercial buildings and homes in Greater Sydney, and particularly new areas in Western Sydney, over the next 10 years.

Regulatory information

These reports and links explain the governance around our business.

Publication/link What it's about

Customer Contract (6.4MB)

This sets out the minimum service standards and outlines your rights and obligations as a customer.

Our contract with you (527KB)

Each year we send this summary of the Customer Contract to customers with their bill.

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

This Act focuses on making government information readily available.

Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992

This Act outlines the structure and functions of the tribunal that sets Sydney Water prices and regulates compliance against our Operating Licence.

Modern Slavery Statement '21

The Modern Slavery Statement analyses our performance against the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) showing how we address slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.

Operating Licence (2.7MB)

Our Operating Licence allows us to supply water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services and sets the requirements around these operations.

Plumbers and drainers – NSW Fair Trading

Information for plumbers and drainers about safety, inspections and the plumbing code.

Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

This Act outlines the framework under which the EPA regulates Sydney Water. The aim of the Act is to protect, restore and enhance the environment.

State Owned Corporations Act 1989

This Act outlines the legislation under which state-owned corporations such as Sydney Water operate.

Statement of Corporate Intent (1481KB)

The Statement of Corporate Intent outlines how we will fulfil our commitment to our corporate objectives and the expectations of the NSW Government.

Sydney Water Act 1994

This Act established Sydney Water as a state-owned corporation and outlines the regulatory framework under which we operate.

Sydney Water Regulation 2017

This Regulation empowers Sydney Water to regulate controlled areas, certain aspects of plumbing and drainage, water restrictions and damage to our property.

Memorandums of understanding

These are the agreements we have in place with other agencies.

Memorandum of understanding Summary

Memorandum of Understanding with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

This MOU provides the foundations for a cooperative relationship between the EPA and Sydney Water. It reflects the requirements of the Sydney Water Act and our Operating Licence.

Memorandum of Understanding with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)

This MOU is between the Commonwealth of Australia and NATA to promote reliable results of measurement, testing, inspection and similar activities. The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in the Life Sciences sector accredits Sydney Water.

Memorandum of Understanding with Fire and Rescue NSW (2.9MB)

This MOU provides strategies for Sydney Water and Fire and Rescue NSW to work together to ensure efficient and effective provision of water for firefighting. 

Memorandum of Understanding with Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service (4.9MB)

This MOU governs the use of recycled water for firefighting purposes within Sydney Water's area of operations.

Schedule 1 – List of schemes where recycled water is used for firefighting (7.7KB)

This Schedule lists recycled water schemes, as at date of last issue (2012).

Memorandum of Understanding with NSW Health (2.6MB)

This MOU forms the basis of a cooperative relationship between Sydney Water and NSW Health. This includes arrangements for Sydney Water to report information on any events which may pose a risk to health.

Memorandum of Understanding with the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation (5.1MB)

This MOU provides the foundation for a cooperative relationship between the NSW Office of Water and Sydney Water. The aim is to ensure that Sydney Water meets the requirements under the regulation of the NSW Office of Water.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Where Sydney Water has issued you with a purchase order, the following terms and conditions apply to that purchase order: