Regional Delivery Partners

How we partner to deliver our works

In 2020 we began partnering with private industry to deliver large programs of work divided into regional areas, through a long term partnership model called Partnering for Success or P4S.

In March 2024, we transitioned this to Regional Delivery Partners. The foundation is exactly the same. We've just simplified our procurement speak to make it easier for our customers to understand that Sydney Water has two main procurement arms. One is through our Regional Delivery Partners and the other is through our Major Projects arm. Both delivery arms of Sydney Water are forecasted to deliver an unprecedented pipeline of works and infrastructure within the next ten years.

Our Planning Partners

In 2019, we appointed Aurecon and Arup as our long-term planning partners to provide system planning, advisory, feasibility and concept design, project engineering and technical assurance services.

Procurement approach – Regional Delivery Partners

To deliver the significant pipeline of capital works forecasted, in 2020 Sydney Water strategically partnered with Confluence Water, the West Region Delivery Team, and Delivering for Customers (D4C). Each organisation is a consortia of established industry players collectively named our Regional Delivery Partners.  We work with our Regional Delivery Partners using an innovative NEC suite of contracts that prioritise long term (min. 10 year) relationships and commercial agreements. The aim is to deliver volume and value, with safety for our customers.

A current strategic objective for Sydney Water and our Regional Delivery Partners is to grow our supply chain to deliver the significantly large volume of infrastructure and capitals works in the pipeline. In March 2024, Sydney Water held the Infrastructure Pipeline and Supply Chain Expo with the theme, ‘Infrastructure for a 22nd Century City. Let’s Build it together.’ The aim of the expo was to attract new suppliers to the water industry. The message from the Regional Delivery Partners is loud and clear, come and talk to us, our doors are open to new suppliers as we invest and build the city of tomorrow.

Shared Purchasing

We are growing our supply chain. To become a supplier for the Regional Delivery Partners it’s necessary to do the paperwork first. Follow the guidelines to become pre-qualified, join the shared purchasing list and then email or call the Regional Delivery Partners to showcase competences and build your relationship. Go here for more information on Shared Purchasing: SP: Shared Purchasing.

Contact us

We're committed to being fair, honest, safe and responsible in our dealings with suppliers. If you suspect corrupt behaviour from any of our staff or contractors, or you don't believe you've been given a fair go, please contact us