Find a water refill station

Safe, clean, free hydration

Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles and fill up your own bottle at one of our permanent water refill stations across Greater Sydney. Search for your nearest water refill station for easy access to safe, clean, free water.

Remember to bring your refillable bottle when you're out and about.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated and cut down on plastic by filling up at a permanent water refill station near you.


Tap water is the most sustainable choice when it comes to quenching your thirst. Because you're not using additional packaging or plastic, refilling your water bottles is the most environmentally sustainable option to help reduce plastic waste and save money. Enjoy high-quality drinking water with minimal impact on the environment by switching from bottled water to tap water.


Spot a problem with one of our refill stations? Contact us to let us know. 

The sustainable choice

Choosing to drink tap water is the environmental choice.


Plastic bottles take from 400 to 1,000 years to break down. So remember – when filling your cup, bottle or glass, Sydney's tap water is world class.


Our refill stations provide you with great tasting drinking water so you don't need to purchase plastic water bottles to quench your thirst. Carrying your own water bottle and refilling it at a refill station is a zero-waste option to enjoy high-quality drinking water for free.