Resources to help you with your study

Tertiary students can use our resources to understand how we manage water. Find out how the system works in Greater Sydney, and how its components complement and support each other. Understand the technology behind it, and the forces driving change for customers and for the environment. There's a lot we can share with you.

Drinking water

Learning about drinking water production?

  • Consider where our water comes from and how it's treated to make it safe. Think about who our regulators are and how we analyse and report water quality.
  • Investigate the connection between water and energy. What are the logistics, benefits and challenges of getting water from a catchment situated a long way away from where the water is used?
  • Learn more about why equitable access to affordable water is so important.

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Most of our drinking water comes from catchments.

Wastewater and water recycling

Learning about wastewater treatment and water recycling?

  • Consider the most efficient way to move wastewater away from the home, through a water resource recovery facility and to its end-use.
  • Think about what's in wastewater and what quality it needs to be safely reused. What treatment processes could be used most effectively?
  • Investigate what can be done with the by-products of wastewater treatment. They're important resources, too. What role do they play in a circular economy?
  • All water needs to be reused or returned to the environment. What are the benefits of treating water so it's fit for purpose?
  • Don't forget to consider the social aspects of wastewater. How does the community view wastewater and what can be done to influence this? How important is sanitation?

These links and resources should get you started.

Wastewater can be treated and safely reused.

Want to learn more about our wastewater recovery facilities?

Click here to learn about our facilities that treat our wastewater.


Learning about stormwater and liveability?

  • Consider Sydney's hydrology and the hydraulic challenges that are present in an urban environment. Think about how we can use stormwater infrastructure for flood mitigation.
  • Investigate how we value water as a community and how this has changed over time. What's your idea of liveablility?
  • How can we plan and design our urban environments so that they're water sensitive? Can this influence water quality?
  • We often think about wastewater when we talk about protecting the environment, but what role does stormwater play?

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We all have a role to play in stormwater management.