What residential tenants need to know

You don't need to contact us when you move into or out of a rental property. The water's always on. The property owner (your landlord) will pay the water bill. If your property has a water meter, you may be required to pay the water usage portion of the bill.

What your landlord is responsible for

As a residential tenant, you don't have an account with us for your water. This differs from other utilities, like electricity or gas. We send the water bill to the landlord (the property owner) or the managing agent. They are responsible for paying us.

However, if your property has a water meter your landlord or managing agent may ask you to pay for the water you use. You should be informed of the water usage charges on the water bill. This is in line with section 39 of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. When you move out, your landlord or managing agent will arrange a meter reading so you can pay the final amount you owe.

If the property owner doesn't pay the bill
If the water bill hasn't been paid for some time, water flow may be restricted even if you've already paid for your water usage. We'll hand-deliver a warning notice 48 hours before any restriction. If you receive one, call 13 20 92 8am–5:30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). We'll do what we can to maintain your water services.

Check your water usage

There are a few ways to check you're being charged correctly for your water usage.

If you simply want to cut down on the water you use, follow the tips below to save water and money.

If you think you're being charged too much
Once you've checked your water usage, you may need to discuss with your landlord or managing agent.

Save water and money

For ways to use less water in your home and garden, follow our water saving tips. Always follow the current Water Wise Guidelines.

If your water usage has increased and there's no explanation (like guests, longer showers or filling a pool), see if you can detect a leak. Fixing a leak can be the quickest way to save water.

  • Report visible leaks like dripping taps or toilets to your landlord or managing agent.
  • If you can't see the leak, your landlord or managing agent should contact a plumber or WaterFix® Concealed Leaks. If a licensed plumber finds and repairs a hidden leak after the bill's been paid, the property owner can apply for a hidden leak allowance on the bill. If you've paid for water lost through the hidden leak, they should pass the refund on to you.

Know about work we're doing nearby

Financial and other support

  • Our Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) provides emergency relief to eligible tenants struggling to pay water bills – see how we can help with your bill
  • If you're experiencing violence at home, ask us about BillAssist®. We can also refer you to support services.

We've identified many services that offer other help and supportContact us online, or call 13 20 92 8am–5:30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and ask for our Customer Care team.

Access to interpreters in 160+ languages

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Call 131 450

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