WaterFix® Strata

Large-scale, cost-effective water savings

If you're a strata manager or you live in a residential strata-managed building, and you're concerned about wasting water, WaterFix Strata is for you. Over 87% of water in residential strata-managed buildings is used by residents, mostly showers. Depending on your building's level of water efficiency, we may be able to achieve water savings of up to 30%. Book now and find out more about how your building can save water.

COVID-19 update
Now that restrictions have been reduced, WaterFix Strata is once again able to provide quote inspections and complete plumbing works.

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How WaterFix Strata works

We can estimate a building's possible water savings by looking at the building's water use history and identifying the total number of bedrooms. Then we use this information in our water-efficiency benchmarking tool. If our estimate shows that the building has potential to save, we'll work with the strata manager to inspect a sample of units so we can provide a quote.

Examples of ways to save water include things like:

  • repairing tap and toilet leaks
  • installing water efficient devices
  • replacing faulty tapware and single-flush toilets
  • finding any concealed leaks
  • fixing leaks in common areas

When the quote's approved, we'll do all the work, including booking appointments with each unit owner.

As with WaterFix Residential, you'll see cost and water savings right away, and there are energy savings due to reduced hot water use, too.

How quotes and billing work

We offer an accurate quotation process, project management, appointment coordination and financing options. All prices include removing and disposing of existing items, plus installing new items. We offer either a direct fee for service or a performance plan that's based on the value of the water saved. This starts from your strata's next Sydney Water bill.

How to book or find out more

The WaterFix Strata service works best for buildings using over 400 litres of water per bedroom each day. Sound like your strata?