WaterFix® Strata

How to save on water costs in strata buildings

As a strata manager or committee member, you can help minimise levies and water bills in your strata building. Contact the WaterFix Strata team to find out how, and get a free desktop assessment.

We'd love to talk to you about the water and money your strata building could be saving. Call us on 1800 354 107 8am–5:30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Find out if your strata's using too much water

Our free desktop assessment is the first step to determining if your strata's water usage is low, average or too high. We use your apartment and bedroom count plus historical water usage to compare your strata to best practice industry benchmarks. You'll immediately see if your strata is likely to find effective ways to save water.

Get a quote for identified issues

If the desktop assessment indicates your strata's water use is too high, we'll set up an inspection of 10% of apartments plus common areas to identify issues. Then we'll provide an obligation-free WaterFix Strata quote covering the work that needs to be done.

Over 87% of water usage in strata-managed buildings is due to residents' private water usage, mostly in showers. To check potential water savings in your apartment without involving the owners corporation, try WaterFix Residential.

What your quote covers

A WaterFix Strata quote covers costs for our fully licensed and experienced plumbers and specialist tradespeople. It also includes products and materials, repairs or installing new items, removing and disposing of existing items, project management, and coordinating appointments with unit owners and tenants. Things like:

  • repairing tap and toilet leaks
  • installing water-efficient devices
  • replacing faulty tapware and single-flush toilets
  • finding concealed leaks
  • repairing leaks in common areas
  • removal, recycling and responsible disposal of all waste products and materials.

You'll want to reassure your owners' committee that WaterFix Strata provides value for money. We encourage you to get alternative solutions and quotes from other suppliers.

You could be eligible for no out-of-pocket payments

Include your payments in your strata's Sydney Water bill and choose from flexible payment options:

  • one-off fee for service
  • distribution of payments over 12 months
  • performance agreement, where the project is funded through water savings.

If water savings are substantial, your strata may be eligible to pay through a performance payment plan. This plan covers costs by the value of water your site saves. You won't need to budget for out-of-pocket payments.

Case study: City highrise saves $64,000 a year

Century Towers is a 52-storey residential building with 292 apartments in the Sydney CBD. Our free assessment identified extremely high water use. After the WaterFix Strata service, Century Towers found it saved 28 million litres per year – enough to fill more than 11 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Savings for strata management and residents added up to $17,000 a quarter.

From the initial inspection, WaterFix Strata identified many leaks and inefficient old fixtures. Our plumbers scheduled appointments with residents, and from start to finish the service took just over 2 weeks:

  • 602 toilet and tap leak repairs
  • 687 taps, mixers and showerheads replaced with water-efficient alternatives.

Century Towers accepted our performance agreement option. As a result, there were no up-front costs. There was no need to increase levies, and savings were redirected to other projects. As a bonus, all residents enjoy energy savings because they use less hot water.

In addition to toilets, taps and showerheads, there were opportunities to save in Century Towers' common areas. Image courtesy City of Sydney.