Building over or next to assets

Get the approvals you need

Whether you’re a property owner planning to concrete your driveway, a local authority or a construction company working on an infrastructure project, we need to know if you plan to build or dig near pipes, drains or meters. Any disruption to water, wastewater and stormwater assets will affect you and your neighbours. You must get our approval.

Don’t risk fines and penalties
Get our approval before you can move, replace or remove our pipes, including temporary pipework. Check first. Talk to a water servicing coordinator.

Construction or excavation

Before you build or excavate for a future structure, you must submit your plans to us for approval. This requirement also applies to authorities, utilities and local councils working on community projects. We’ll check there’ll be no impact on our assets. 

Services for the community

If you’re an authority, utility or local council installing services, you must email us before you start detailed planning. We’ll inform you of any requirements, including if you need to protect or adjust our assets. If so, you must engage a water servicing coordinator to manage any works.

Cooperation to minimise disruption
We’re a member of the NSW Streets Opening Coordination Council. We follow its recommendations on asset location and specifications for road restorations.