Charges and water usage calculators

Know what you pay for

Use these calculators to find out how much water you've used and how much it will cost. You can also check your fixed charges for the services we provide to your property. Remember: these tools can't calculate your property's total bill.

The difference between fixed charges and water usage charges
Fixed charges are for the services we provide to your property. They're roughly the same each quarter. Usage charges vary, as they depend on how much water you use. They're measured by your water meter.

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Calculate your water usage

If you need to know the volume of water used at your property, or what it costs, you can calculate your water usage charge or calculate your average daily water usage as far back as 1 July 2009. These calculators reveal how much a leak or filling a pool impacts your bill, and an important tool for solicitors, conveyancers and real estate agents.

Buying, selling or moving

Once you know the daily average usage for the property, you can work out the total water used and the cost of the water over a specified period.

  • If you're buying or selling a property, your solicitor or conveyancer will need to work out how much water usage you're responsible for on settlement.
  • If you're a tenant or real estate agent, you can work out water usage up to the day the property is vacated.

Filling a pool or checking a leak

If you know the total amount of water used over a period, you can work out the total cost of the water or daily average usage. If you find a leak at your property, you can work out the impact on your next water bill. You can also work out how much it will cost to fill up a pool.

Comparing new business processes or benchmarking

If you know the volume of water used, you can work out how much it cost or the daily average usage over a period of time. You can compare different business processes by taking a reading before and after each process and using the calculator to check the cost of the water used.

Knowing average daily usage helps you compare to benchmark levels in your industry. Remember to account for days when you're closed.

Check your fixed charges

Our fixed charges calculator quickly tells you what you pay for our services each quarter besides water usage charges. Fixed charges are the quarterly service charges that property owners pay to be connected to our systems. Services usually include water and wastewater, but some areas also have recycled water and stormwater. Because we use a daily rate, our fixed charges will vary slightly from quarter to quarter.