About My Account

Everything you need, online

Manage your account online, anywhere, anytime with My Account. Make payments, access bills, go paperless, securely update payment details, and view 3 years of payment and billing history.

Need to claim tax deductions?
Download up to 3 years of financial statements from My Account for tax purposes.

Homes and businesses

Register for My Account if you own your home or business, or you're an authorised contact. More than one person can sign up.

  • View, print and pay bills.
  • Access up to 3 years of payment and billing history.
  • Request financial statements for tax purposes.
  • Switch to paperless bills and updates.
  • Set up convenient direct debit.
  • Arrange handy payment reminders.
  • Request payment extensions.
  • Change your preferred payment method.
  • View payment plan arrangements.
  • Reset password and email address.
  • Update mailing address.
  • Add and remove properties.
  • Set up service alerts.

If you're renting a property, you can't sign up for My Account.

Managing agents

If you're a managing agent, register for My Account to streamline paperwork on the properties you manage. Property owners can still access their bills in My Account.

  • View bills online.
  • Add and remove properties.
  • Switch to paperless bills and updates.
  • Download bills in a bulk daily file.
  • Access up to 3 years of payment and billing history.
  • Create portfolios to manage properties together.
  • Reset your password and email address.
  • Change your company's mailing address.

When you add new properties, we'll use the company name registered with your ABN, not your trading name. This ensures we're consistent when we send bills to you.

Popular My Account options

Choose direct debit

Never miss a payment. You'll always have time to check the charges, make sure funds are available, and update payment details if you need to. Your Visa or Mastercard or your bank account will be debited automatically on the date your payment is due. You can opt in to payment reminders 2 days before your bill is due.

  • For payments from a bank account, direct debit is free.
  • For credit or debit card payments, a 0.4% processing fee is added to your next bill ($1 for a bill of $250).

Log in anytime to set up direct debit, change your details or cancel. Find out more in our Direct debit service agreement. You can also choose other ways to pay. Save your preferred payment details in My Account to pay anytime, or choose other payment options.

Before you set up direct debit
If you've paid an overdue amount in the past 48 hours, check your account balance to make sure the payment's been processed. Any amount marked 'overdue' will be direct debited the next working day even if it's already been paid.

Choose to go paperless

Keep track and reduce paper clutter by selecting paperless bills and updates.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Enjoy added security – avoid bills being delayed, intercepted or lost.
  • View 24/7 wherever you have email access.
  • Always know what you need to pay and when it's due.
  • Keep up to date, with links to our customer newsletters.

If you currently use BPAY View® for paperless billing, you must cancel it through your financial institution before you can choose My Account paperless billing and updates.

Choose to view 3 years of billing and payment history

Log in for free online access to up to 3 years of billing and payment history. You can download bills for your records. You can also request financial statements for tax purposes.

Can't access My Account?

If you can't go online or you have questions, call us on 13 20 92 8am–5:30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).