Claim for damages

Lodge your claim as soon as possible

We try hard to prevent negative impacts on the community's safety and wellbeing while we do our work. However, we realise unfortunate events do happen. If you've been injured or your property has been lost or damaged because of work we’ve done, we will investigate. Please complete an Incident notification form (118KB) right now to lodge a claim for the damage we've caused. Be sure to include photos and any other relevant documentation.

How your claim will be managed

We will:

  • tell you we've received your claim within 5 days
  • fully investigate your claim
  • contact you if we need more information – you may need to get 2 quotes to support a property damage claim
  • arrange an independent investigation if necessary
  • tell you the outcome of the investigation when it's finished.

How you can help with the process

There are things you can do to help make the process run smoothly. Please:

  • write clearly
  • answer all sections on the form
  • attach all supporting evidence, including the circumstances surrounding the incident, receipts, quotations and photos
  • sign the form – we can only review claims where the person making the claim has signed the declaration.