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We’re collecting your personal information so we can change the mailing address for your property. If you're the property owner's representative, we’ll also collect your personal information. We'll assume you have the owner's authority to provide their information and that you informed them of this collection. Find out how we manage your privacy.

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You’ve asked us to change your mailing address (the postal address that appears on your bill) to the property address. From now on, we’ll use this address if we need to send anything by post. 

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If you’ve registered for eBills or gone paperless, you’ll continue to receive electronic bills at the same email address. To receive paper bills at your new mailing address, you’ll need to log in to My Account and 'Revert to paper'.

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If you currently receive paper bills but you'd rather view your bills 24/7 anywhere you have email access, update your preferences in My Account.

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