Listed providers

Our listed provider directory

This is your starting point to find all the listed providers who can work in parts of the building and developing processes. All these providers must follow and use our instructionsforms and standards and specifications.

We're not currently accepting applications for new providers

When we call for applications, we'll communicate it online and through other appropriate channels.

How to maintain your listing

To maintain your listing as our provider, you must continue to meet the following criteria (and any other criteria we may apply).

You will need to:

  • have current Third Party certification by an independent JAS/ANZ registered certification company to AS/NZS ISO 9001 of a documented Quality Management System (QMS) that includes processes to address our requirements for a Product Specific Quality Plan (PSQP). The QMS must address all warranties, activities and services that relate to the provider
  • demonstrate an ability to plan and implement safety and environmental requirements
  • show satisfactory, ongoing performance after periodic reviews by us
  • maintain appropriately trained key personnel
  • complete a minimum of two jobs each year
  • have appropriate and current insurances for the category your company is listed for
  • conform to our codes, instructions, Developer Works Deed (Standard Terms) and Business Ethics guide
  • ensure your company is not in voluntary administration, receivership or similar.

If your company fails to maintain these criteria, we'll consider removing it from our list.

What you need to know about provider training

If you're a provider and need training and assessment, look at our Provider Training Matrix for the units of competency you must attain. All listed providers must be aware of, and understand, our Confined space safety procedure.

Note: Our Confined space safety procedure is a guide only. As a provider, you must develop your own safety management plans and safe work method statements under the Work Health & Safety Regulations 2011 (NSW).

How to find listed providers

Type of provider Role of provider
Constructor (major works) Constructs new water, wastewater and stormwater pipes
Constructor (minor works) Constructs new wastewater pipes up to 12 metres long
Field tester Tests new pipes
Service protection reporter Reports on the location of our existing pipes
Water service connection driller Drills into our water pipes so a water service connection can be made
Water servicing coordinator Designs new pipes, manages applications for Section 73 Compliance Certificates, applications for approval to move or extend our pipes, design and construction of new pipes and applications for approval to build over or next to assets.