Connections and disconnections

Here's what you need to do

There's plenty you'll need to think about before you connect to or disconnect from our services, starting with the water, wastewater and stormwater services that you need – or don't need. It's important that you understand all our application requirements and use listed providers.

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Plan your connections or disconnections

First, think about the water, wastewater and stormwater services you need. If you want to connect a development that's more complicated than a standard house, it's a good idea to engage a hydraulic consultant. They can:

  • work out the best sized water connection and meter for your needs
  • design any pumps, tanks or wastewater equipment you need.

You'll also need to assess the site to determine our backflow prevention requirements and find out if you need to meet our stormwater quality targets. It's a good idea to read and understand our Connecting to our systems (297KB) and Responsibility of connected customers (364KB) policies.

Take a look at our prices to see all of the charges for your business and prices for other services.

Apply to connect

Apply at Sydney Water Tap in for:

  • water connections
  • wastewater connections
  • stormwater connections to single houses
  • permission to discharge trade wastewater.

For stormwater harvestingsewer mining and some priority sewerage program connections, contact us or talk to a Business Customer Representative.

Find out about our application requirements for different connection applications. Applicants are responsible for the cost of applying and making a connection.

Make your connection

You need to engage a provider when we approve your connection. Choose a listed provider to make your connection and finish your plumbing work. 

Which provider do you need?

  • Listed drillers can make water main connections. If it's a very large connection or unusual pipe, we must make your connection.
  • Listed constructors can make a new point of connection to our gravity wastewater pipe. They can make short extensions to our system if we've given you permission.
  • Licensed plumbers can join your private plumbing to an existing water or wastewater connection. When you make a new water connection, you must get a licensed plumber to install the water pipe from the point of connection to the meter. 
  • Licensed plumbers must install the water meter within 2 days of connection. If you want us to install the meter, apply at Sydney Water Tap in and we'll install it free of charge.
  • Accredited backflow plumbers must assess your site's hazard rating if you have a commercial or industrial property. A licensed plumber must install the right kind of backflow device and it must be tested every year by an accredited backflow plumber.
  • Licensed plumbers with experience working in confined spaces must make your stormwater connection.

We must make your water main connection if:

  • our water mains are larger than 200mm
  • your connection will be bigger than 50mm
  • our pipes are made of any material except PVC (polyvinyl chloride), DICL (ductile iron cement lined) or CICL (cast iron concrete lined)
  • our pipes were laid before 1930.

Consider engaging a water servicing coordinator if you need to install pipes or equipment we've agreed to own. 

Get your plumbing inspected

NSW Fair Trading's role

NSW Fair Trading inspects plumbing on private property. This ensures it complies with the Plumbing Code of AustraliaPlumbers must pay the inspection fees and book an inspection with NSW Fair Trading. You can no longer pay the inspection fees to is.

Sydney Water's role

We're responsible for ensuring connections to our pipes meet our standards. We might inspect some plumbing installations to make sure they meet our conditions of connection. This may include plumbing such as tanks, pumps and wastewater treatment equipment.

Fit a water meter

You must have a meter fitted to your water service before you start using our water. Failing to fit a water meter is water theft, and fines may apply. 

You don't need to fit a meter to a fire service unless we ask you to. Meters must be fitted to fire hose reel services.

Ready to apply?
Apply to fit a meter at Sydney Water Tap in.

Move into your building

You can move in and occupy your building when council or a private certifier issues an occupation certificate. They'll need to see a copy of our Section 73 Compliance Certificate. This certifies that any works we require to our water or wastewater systems have been completed to our standards

Apply to disconnect

If you're redeveloping your property, it's important to consider how this affects service connections:

  • If a property is demolished and no longer needs a water supply, a licensed plumber must disconnect the service at the water main. You or your plumber can apply for the disconnection via Sydney Water Tap in.
  • If your development involves consolidating separate lots and you don’t need all the existing water services, you must have them correctly disconnected. This ensures you aren’t billed for unused services and helps avoid future hidden leaks.
  • If the disconnection is short term, consider the cost of ongoing service charges compared to the costs of completely disconnecting the property. Visit our prices to check the service charges that would apply.

You can apply to disconnect from our services at Sydney Water Tap in.

Drain a pool or spa

Pool and spa water must not enter the stormwater system, as it's chlorinated and needs to be treated. Always discharge chlorinated water to the wastewater system. There are 2 ways to empty a swimming pool or spa:

  • You can discharge the water to our wastewater system using the pool's pumping system and a backwash hose.
  • You can siphon the water from the pool and drain it to our wastewater system.

If the pool is 50 metres long (the equivalent of an Olympic-size pool), you need to complete an application at Sydney Water Tap in to discharge trade wastewater.

Need to refill? You may need a permit.
Check the Water Wise Guidelines before you remove any water to see if you need a permit to refill your pool. We consider each application individually. A permit will only be approved if draining and refilling is unavoidable.

Report water theft

Water theft occurs when someone is using water without a meter, which means they're not paying for it. This includes using a standpipe without a meter. You can report water theft anonymously.

Make sure we've checked your building plans

We need to check your plans to make sure your building work won't damage any of our water or wastewater pipes or structures located on your property. You can ask us to do this through Sydney Water Tap in.

In most cases, we'll approve your application automatically. However, if you plan to build over or close to our pipes, we'll refer your plans to a water servicing coordinator. They'll identify what you need to do to protect our pipes.