Growth Servicing Plan and map

Our plan to support your development

Use the interactive map to explore areas where you want to plan your development and understand our infrastructure plans for the future. Map data is based on our Growth Servicing Plan 2024–2029. It encapsulates our infrastructure plans for the next 5 years.

Locate your proposed development

Search for locations you want to view and select growth areas you want to learn more about. Servicing timescales may not be the same for drinking water and wastewater, so you can filter to view planning stages and anticipated timeframes. When you're ready, you can print a summary of the view you've set up.

  • Start typing the address or suburb of the location you want to view.
  • Then hover over the map and click the area you're interested in to display information.
Abbreviation Stands for


Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure


financial year


Greater Macarthur


Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek


Growth Servicing Plan


North West Growth Area


Precinct Acceleration Protocol


Sydney Water Corporation


South West Growth Area


water servicing coordinator

If your development isn't within growth areas shown on the map

Even if it's not in a growth area shown on the map, your development could still be within our servicing catchment. Check that your site is in an area with established drinking water delivery systems or wastewater systems.

  • If your site is within our catchment, you'll probably need our approval as part of the development process.
  • For large-scale developments or developments in constrained areas, you should discuss your servicing needs with us as soon as possible. Contact your water servicing coordinator.
  • If your site is not within our catchment, you'll need to lodge a feasibility application to discuss any possible extensions with us. Contact your water servicing coordinator.
  • If your site is partially within growth areas, servicing advice may differ. Lodge a feasibility application to discuss servicing options.

While Sydney Water has made every endeavour to provide timeframes that are up to date, they can be affected by many factors and are provided as guidance only. Sydney Water makes no representation, warranty, undertaking or guarantee (express or implied) that the timeframes in our Growth Servicing Plan (GSP) are accurate or reliable. Any use or reliance on these timeframes is taken at your own risk. To the extent permitted by law, in no event will Sydney Water be liable for any loss, cost, expense, claim, liability or damage arising from or in connection with the timeframes provided in this GSP.

How new water infrastructure is funded

Sydney Water funding

We plan delivery of services around the NSW Government land release program. We must demonstrate that any decisions we make on funding infrastructure comply with the requirements set by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART)

Developer funding

Find out more about the current zoning status of your development at the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. This can help you to understand the funding options available to you. You can opt to independently fund infrastructure to accelerate planning and construction by applying to the NSW Government to bring forward the release of precincts for development. If your proposal is approved, we'll work with you to establish a commercial agreement. This will outline financial arrangements and determine the best way to plan and deliver services.

Infrastructure contributions

Find out about the government's reintroduction of infrastructure contributions in Sydney Water Talk.

Drinking water and wastewater information
In line with our Operating Licence, we publish at least 10 years of servicing information for major drinking water and wastewater systems. You can access our detailed system capacity reports at Growth servicing and system capacity.

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