Connections and disconnections

Getting your business connected

If you need a new connection for a business development, you need to make sure your business can access our pipes for water and wastewater services. You need our permission to connect even if your local council has approved your development. So if you own or manage a business, make sure you know the requirements around connecting or disconnecting. 

Get started

If you need a new connection for new developments at your business, you must first:

Learn more about the new business services you will need. Take a look at prices for your business and prices for other services.

Apply to connect

A connection gives you access to our pipes so you can use our services.  When you've submitted your building plans to us and applied for our Section 73 Compliance Certificate, you can apply to connect or disconnect at Sydney Water Tap inThis includes:

  • water connections for fire services
  • wastewater connections to dispose of trade wastewater. 

You need our permission to connect, even if your local council has approved your development.

If you're a property owner, apply for a new connection or disconnection at Sydney Water Tap in. You can also engage a plumber, hydraulic consultant or other service provider to make an application on your behalf. These providers are not Sydney Water employees and may charge an additional fee on top of our charges. 

If you'd like to know what we charge for applications, approvals and diagrams, see prices for other servicesLearn more about different application requirements

Consider engaging a hydraulic consultant
They can help you design water and wastewater services for your business and any tanks, pumps or pre-treatment equipment you need. 

Check the connection conditions

If we approve your connection, we'll give you written permission with conditions of connection. Property owners are responsible for meeting all our conditions, including:

  • complying with backflow requirements
  • getting a water meter installed
  • using the right listed provider to make your connection.

If your connection has ongoing obligations, such as managing trade wastewater, we'll have an additional services agreement with you.  Find out more about agreements.

The property owner is responsible for:

  • the cost of making the connection
  • maintaining your service (all the private pipes on the property from the point where they connect to our service).

Read more about the plumbing process for connections and disconnections.

Need help?
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