Water systems

Where your water comes from

Every day, we supply about 1.5 billion litres of drinking water to about 5.3 million people in their homes and businesses. About 80% comes from Warragamba Dam. The rest comes from a mix of other dams, the Hawkesbury-Nepean River and the Sydney Desalination Plant at Kurnell.

Learn about our water delivery systems

Our water delivery systems are flexible, and many are interconnected. This means we can divert water between systems to meet demand in different areas, or shut down areas for maintenance or repairs.

We supply water from 11 major dams through 13 water delivery systems, with:

  • 22,804 kilometres of pipes
  • 251 reservoirs
  • 153 drinking water pumping stations
  • 9 water filtration plants (4 of these are privately owned and operated)
  • Sydney Desalination Plant (privately owned and operated).

How we maintain our systems
Our crews work around the clock to make sure our water delivery systems are in top shape – from fixing leaks and breaks to managing water pressure or upgrading our major facilities. Learn more about how we're maintaining our water supply.

Check your water quality

Your water is filtered at one of the 9 drinking water filtration plants or the Sydney Desalination Plant to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Find out more about the drinking water quality in your area in our daily drinking water quality report.

Check the status of the desalination plant

The Sydney Desalination Plant supplies water to up to 1.5 million people across Sydney. It's privately owned and operated, and becomes part of our water delivery systems during drought. Find out more about desalination.

See current dam storage levels

We work in partnership with WaterNSW, which supplies much of the untreated raw water from rivers and dams. Visit WaterNSW to find out the total dam water storage across Greater Sydney.