How to read your bill

Understand the information on your bill

Your water bill tells you more than what you owe for the water you've used (usage charges) and the services that keep your water flowing (fixed charges). It also provides information like your account number and online ID, plus the serial number of your water meter. You'll find more in our prices.

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Typical quarterly Sydney Water bill

1 Account number identifies your property.

2 Fixed charges are for your connections to our water, wastewater and stormwater services (if applicable). Use our fixed charges calculator to find out what they'll be.

3 Usage charges cover the amount of water used at your property over the past billing cycle.

4 Online ID is your unique property owner ID. You need it to register for My Account.

5 Payment number is the unique reference number you use to pay your bill. You also need it to register for My Account.

6 Water meter details include your meter serial number, the readings on it, the period the charge covers and how much water was used.

Need help to pay your bill?
If you need a short extension and your bill isn't yet due, log in to My Account and set it up online. If a payment plan could help you manage your budget, you can arrange to pay bills in smaller amounts every 2 weeks or monthly. Call 13 20 92 8am–5:30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Monthly bills cost an extra $42.59 a quarter to cover monthly meter readings. There are lots of other ways to get help with your bill.