Silt and Debris Management Program

Keeping sediment out of the system

Throughout Greater Sydney, our Silt and Debris Management Program is in place to remove silt, sand and sediment from our wastewater and stormwater pipes, as well as from open channels, rivers and creeks. This work improves our systems and helps to protect public health and the environment.

Our Silt and Debris Management Program runs in all areas of Greater Sydney. We currently maintain 75 gross pollutant traps across the Sydney region designed to trap and collect sediment and litter before it enters the environment. Each year, these traps collect about 1,200 cubic metres of litter before it reaches the local environment – about 5,000 standard wheelie bins. Our projects are underway and will continue until mid 2023. 

Removing silt from the Cooks River improves our stormwater system.

Depending on the type of work being done, the timing of the work will vary. We first write to affected customers about the work. Where the work will have a higher impact, we may also doorknock affected customers to discuss the work and impacts in detail.

How will you be affected by this work?

If we're working in your street, you'll notice an increase in noise, and truck and vehicle movements. This happens while we access maintenance holes connected to our pipes or when we access stormwater channels, creeks and rivers. As most maintenance holes are in the road, there will be some temporary traffic changes during the work. 

Why does the work need to be done at night?

If the pipes are under busy roads, road managers such as the Roads and Maritime Services and local councils may only permit us to work at night. This helps to prevent disruption to traffic during the day. We often have to work at night to clean wastewater pipes, as this is when flows in the pipes are at their lowest.

How long will the work take?

This often depends on how easily we can access the maintenance holes and open channels, and how much silt and debris needs to be removed. Some work may take as little as a few days, while other work can take several months.

For longer projects, it's unlikely that the work will be in front of your property for the whole time. We'll move from one maintenance hole to another along the length of the pipe or along the length of the open channel.

If work is happening in your street, we'll advise you about the work in advance.

To learn more about our work, please call us on 13 20 92 during business hours.