Wonders of Water

The WOW Discovery Team is coming your way

Meet our Wonders of Water Discovery Team, and experience water through interactive games and virtual reality. Playful platypus Jila will help you understand how Sydney Water makes your water safe to drink, how cities around the world harvest their water resources, and how we recycle our water every day. We'll let you know when we'll be near you to share all the Wonders of Water.

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The Wonders of Water Discovery Team will share a range of interactive activities, from a world of augmented reality to engaging interactive games. Jila would love you and your community to have the totally immersive Wonders of Water experience.

Think the Discovery Team could WOW your next community event? You'll never know unless you ask! Email us at wondersofwater@sydneywater.com.au.

Wonder where the Discovery Team will be next?

Come and join us at our next public event.

Event Where When

Bring it On! Youth Festival

1c Redbank Road, Fairfield

21 April 2024


Unity Day

The Whitlan Centre, 90 Memorial Ave, Liverpool

24 April 2024


2024 Buddhist Birthday and Multicultural Festival

Tumbalong Park

27-28 April 2024


Aerotropolis Community Day

5 Greendale Road, Bringelly

4 May 2024


Cooks River Clean up with the Mudcrabs

Cooks River at Close Street Reserve, Canterbury

4 May 2024


Paws in the Park

Bicentennial Equestrian Park, Camden

5 May 2024


Riverstone Festival

The Sam Lane Complex, Riverstone

11 May 2024


Maybe at your event – email us and we'll do our best to be there!

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Meet Jila

"Hi, I'm Jila!
Imagine it: all the water in the world today has gone up and down and round and round for billions of years. It's the same water the dinosaurs drank. All I can say is WOW!"

Jila is passionate about Greater Sydney's water: the dams, creeks and rivers. They're her home. Our Discovery Team couldn't think of a platypus better qualified to help tell the Wonders of Water story.

She's proud that her name means 'living water' in the Walmajarri language. Inland First Nations communities have different names for permanent water and water that is seasonal or temporary.