Current projects

Improving, managing, repairing

Maintaining Greater Sydney’s water infrastructure is no small task. Find out how our current projects are delivering on our commitment to provide essential and sustainable water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services, no matter where you live or work.

Maintaining our water supply

We manage 22,000 kilometres of water pipes, so dealing with leaks and breaks is a normal part of what we do. Changing weather and ground conditions, tree roots and construction work all contribute to breaks. We run ongoing maintenance programs to manage the impacts and prevent leaks, as well as programs to find and fix leaks. This saves about 30 billion litres of water each year and helps maintain the reliability of our water supply system.

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Dealing with leaks, large and small, is part of what we do.

Stormwater channels can become a part of our bushland.

Managing stormwater

We work closely with local councils and other agencies to improve the health of our stormwater system and protect people and properties from flooding. This includes work like naturalising or repairing our stormwater channels, building wetlands and regenerating bushland in stormwater drainage land. 

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Improving our wastewater system

Projects to maintain and upgrade our wastewater system are an important part of what we do to help protect public health and the environment across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. Whether it's our pipes, wastewater overflows, pumping stations or treatment and recycling plants, we're committed to making the system better.

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North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant is on the coast near Manly.

Planning water infrastructure for Western Parkland City.

Servicing growth and release areas

Our long-term planning supports the NSW Government’s vision of 3 sustainable, productive and liveable cities – the Western Parkland City, the Central River City and the Eastern Harbour City – and incorporates the Coastline City in the Illawarra region. By 2056, we’ll be providing water services to about 8 million customers. We see our role going beyond our current high-quality water and wastewater services, with water playing a lead role in cooling and greening the city.

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Recycling water

We’ve been recycling water since the 1960s. We started with small irrigation projects and now we produce billions of litres of recycled water each year. We provide recycled water for homes and businesses, industry, parks, farms, golf courses and playing fields.

Recycling and reusing water means we don’t need to depend as much on rainfall and the amount of waste going to the environment is reduced. It ensures we have extra water available in case of drought and for a growing population.

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Firefighters make the most of our recycled water.

Rejuvenated Lake Parramatta embodies the Urban Plunge vision.

Making our waterways swimmable

Swimming in healthy local waterways is the future that we’re bringing to life through Urban Plunge, an exciting Sydney Water project. Urban Plunge Sydney has been designed to accelerate the delivery of more swimming and recreation opportunities in the rivers, creeks, lakes and inlets of our cities and suburbs.

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