Meters in multi-level buildings

Making it fair for unit owners

It's important that owners in both strata and non-strata multi-level buildings are billed fairly for their individual water use. Find out what you need to do if you're metering a multi-level building.

What are the rules?

For most new multi-level buildings, you:

  • must install the plumbing for a meter on each unit
  • must install a meter for each unit in a strata subdivided building
  • may install a meter for each unit in a non-strata subdivided building.

Our Water meters policy states which new multi-level buildings need meters. You can also read our Multi-level individual metering guide.

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When do the rules apply?

Compulsory individual metering for new buildings

The rules are compulsory when developing:

  • new residential buildings
  • new mixed developments (buildings with both residential and retail/commercial customers)
  • new serviced apartments
  • new commercial strata subdivided buildings.

The rules are compulsory to ensure water use charges are fairer for unit owners. They are now a condition for connecting to our systems.

This condition also affects any Section 73 Compliance Certificate applications after 1 September 2014. Depending on your development, you'll find this condition in your:

  • Notice of Requirements letter
  • complying Section 73 Certificate development letter.

Optional individual metering

You can choose to install individual meters in an existing building or where they aren't compulsory. You must comply with our Multi-level individual metering guide if you do install these meters. Before you start, there are certain things you should do:

  1. Talk to your plumber to find out if your building design and plumbing arrangements meet our requirements.
  2. Talk to an accredited metering supplier about the metering requirements.
  3. Contact us to understand the impacts on your future water bills. Individual unit owners will have their own water use charge on their water bill. Any common water use (from centralised hot water systems, pools, garden and fire hose reels) will be included on the Owners Corporation water bill. In some cases, this means individual metering will impact the service charges on the bill.

If you'd like some advice about your metering proposal, Email our meters team at Make sure you include the property address, the number of units, the building use and property type.

How should you design the plumbing?

There are certain things you must do:

  • Install a single water inlet and plumbing for each unit. The inlet must not serve more than one unit.
  • Install plumbing for the meters in the common area, not inside each unit. This will allow us to access them easily.
  • Allow a space and connect power for a data logger if necessary.

To find out more, read our Multi-level individual metering guide.

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Who are our accredited meter suppliers?

We don't supply or install these meters. You must get them from our accredited meter suppliers.

Enware Australia Pty Ltd
Metering team
1300 369 273

Itron Australasia Pty Ltd
Itron MLIM team
02 8235 5788

A plumber or hydraulic contractor must install these meters in the common area, not inside each unit. This will allow us to access them easily.

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How does this affect the bill?

Multi-level individual metering allows residential properties to pay for what they use. It does not affect their service charges.

If you have a business property, the charges on your bill may change if you install a meter on each unit.

To find out more, see prices for your business.