Remotely read meters

Meter reading with no human intervention

If it's difficult for us to access your water meter, or you'd prefer that we don't come onto your property, we have to estimate your water use. There's a risk you could be overcharged, and you won't get an early heads up about leaks. So why not invest in a remotely read meter? It will send us accurate readings wirelessly. Easy.

Why should I get a remotely read meter?

If we can't get to your meter, we'll ask you to read it or we have to estimate your water use.

If we estimate your water use:

  • we base it on what you've used before or the area's past use – this may mean you're paying for water you haven't used
  • you may not detect a dramatic increase caused by a leak. 

When you get a remotely read meter, we'll keep off your property and get actual meter readings too.

How much does a remotely read meter cost?

The cost depends on the size of your current meter. If you don't have a meter, email and we'll tell you the cost.

Your current meter number Meter size Meter cost including GST
Starts with B You have a 20mm meter $243.18
Starts with C You have a 25mm meter $256.23
Starts with D, E or F You have a 32mm, 40mm or 50mm light duty meter $281.21
Starts with G, H or J You have a 50mm heavy duty, 80mm or 100mm meter  $493.33
Starts with K, L, M  or N You have a meter larger than 100mm Not available

To make it easy, we'll add the cost of your new meter to your next bill. After that, we'll take care of the costs to maintain and replace the meter in future. If we have a problem reading your new meter, we'll happily refund the cost.

How is it different to a regular meter?

A remotely read meter is slightly bigger than a regular meter and has a wireless communication device attached to it.

A remotely read meter may be a little bit taller than a normal meter.

How does a remotely read meter work?

A remotely read meter has a battery and a low-powered wireless transmitter, similar to a remote control for a garage door. When our meter reader is near your property, the meter sends the reading to a handheld device.

We can read meters up to 50 metres away if there's no interference. It’s completely secure – it only transmits your meter number and reading and this information is encrypted. For more information, email

How do I know if the meter is accurate?

When you get your bill, compare the reading on your meter with the one on your bill. They should be roughly the same.

What's involved in installing it?

You need to clear the area around your existing meter and make sure you have at least 200mm of clear height above it so we can easily install your new meter.

Our contractor will turn the water off for up to 30 minutes while they install the meter.

We can't replace all meters
Sometimes there isn’t enough space to install a remotely read meter. Our contractor will tell you if they can’t fit a new meter. Of course, we won’t charge you for it.

We don't need to enter your property if you have a remotely read meter.