Remotely read meters

We can read your meter without stepping onto your property

If you have a remotely read Sydney Water meter, we can get accurate readings without setting foot on your property. Maybe you'd prefer this for privacy, or your current meter is difficult to access. It means we won't have to estimate your water usage. You won't be billed for water you haven't used.

If you have a private meter, or you don't have an existing Sydney Water meter
Go to Sydney Water Tap in® and apply for a new one. Make sure you state that you want a remotely read meter.

This form is a request to replace an existing Sydney Water meter with a remotely read meter.

How remotely read meters work

A remotely read meter has a battery and a low-powered wireless transmitter, similar to a remote control for a garage door. When a meter reader is near your property, your meter sends the reading to their handheld device. If nothing is blocking transmission between the meter and the meter reader, readings can be taken up to 50 metres away.

It's completely secure. Only your meter number and reading are transmitted, and they're encrypted. When you get your bill, compare the reading on your meter with the one on your bill. They should be roughly the same.

Email us at if you have more questions.

A remotely read meter may sit higher than your current meter.

Some locations aren't suitable for remotely read meters
Remotely read meters can only transmit readings if there's no structure blocking transmission to the meter reader. For example, they can't transmit if they're inside a meter box, behind a wall or at the bottom of a stairwell.

One-off installation charge

The one-off charge to install a new remotely read meter depends on the size of your current meter. After installation, this charge will be added to your bill. If you sell the property, the meter must be left in place.

If it turns out we have a problem reading your remotely read meter once it's installed, this one-off charge will be refunded. We'll take care of future maintenance and replacement costs unless the meter is damaged. In that case, you'll have to pay to repair or replace it.

If you have a business strata property and currently share a meter, having your own remotely read meter means you'll pay a higher individual water service charge. However, you'll only be paying for your own water usage.

Your meter number starts with Meter size Meter cost including GST


20 mm



25 mm


D, E or F

32 mm, 40 mm or 50 mm light duty


G, H or J

50 mm heavy duty, 80 mm or 100 mm


K, L, M or N

Larger than 100 mm

Not available

Before we install your remotely read meter

Please clear the area around your existing water meter and make sure you have at least 150 millimetres of clear height above, below and around it. Our contractor will need to turn off your water for up to 30 minutes while they install your new remotely read meter.