Water wise tips

Turn it off, Bob

So who’s Bob when he’s at home? A loveable larrikin learning the hard way how to make water wise choices every day. Bob (aka Shane Jacobson) is the antihero of our latest water wise campaign. See the tips he’s taking to heart about creating a water wise home and garden. 

Bob's top tips to be water wise at home

Bob loves taking a long, steamy shower, but the first lesson he learned about saving water was to turn it off before things got out of hand. It’s a top tip for everybody. And Bob’s finding there are lots of other ways he can be water wise at home.

Other ways to save water at home

Fill a container and keep water in the fridge rather than waiting for it to run cold from the tap.
Put a plug in your sink or fill a basin to wash vegetables – don’t use a running tap.
Wait till you have a full load of washing before you reach for the detergent.
Thaw frozen food in the fridge or microwave, not under a running tap.
Don't run water down the drain when rinsing your razor or washing your face. Use a plug in the bathroom basin. 
Install a WELS 4-star rated water saving showerhead to save on water and energy costs.
Check for leaking taps and toilets around your home. Leak detection could be easier than you think. 

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Bob's top tips to be water wise in the garden

Other than his classic Torana, Bob’s pride and joy is his lawn. On any given weekend, you’ll probably find Bob out the front making sure every blade of his buffalo grass is in perfect shape. But he’s learning that you don’t need to keep the sprinkler running all day to have the best lawn on the block.

Other ways to save water in the garden

Plant for the climate and soil in your area. Talk to your local nursery about how to choose water wise plants for your garden.
Wash your car on the lawn using a hose with a trigger nozzle – you can water and fertilise the grass at the same time.
Pull out weeds as soon as they sprout so they don’t take water away from your plants.
Group plants that need the same amount of water together so that none of them get too much.
It’s the water in the soil that your plants thrive on, so water the roots of each plant, not its leaves.
Apply a 7–10 centimetre deep layer of mulch around your plants to help prevent water from evaporating.
Got a pool? Use a pool cover. You could save half of your pool water from evaporating each year.