Select your Wastesafe transporter

Wastesafe and your grease trap waste

Wastesafe is an electronic tracking system we use to monitor the generation, collection, transport and disposal of grease trap waste. If you have a grease trap, you must select and engage a Wastesafe transporter to clean it (pump it out) at the frequency we set. 

Choose a Wastesafe transporter

Use the list below to select your authorised Wastesafe transporter. It's entirely your choice and we don't endorse any transporter or prefer any particular organisation. But you must choose a transporter from this list. 

Sydney Water does not authorise or endorse any particular waste transporter on the list. You need to do be diligent about the trading status of the waste transporter before engaging a particular company.


Tell us who you've selected

We need to know who your authorised Wastesafe transporter is, so we can ensure you're meeting our requirements to empty and maintain grease traps.

You can ask your Wastesafe transporter to enter the information online for you when you engage or change your transporter. 

You can also let us know which Wastesafe transporter you've selected by completing the Wastesafe transporter nomination form (181KB) and emailing it to us at

We must know who your Wastesafe contractor is to ensure your grease trap is emptied and maintained.

Wastesafe fees and charges

You'll need to pay both our charges and the waste contractor charges. Find out what these are for below. 


Waste contractor charges

Your waste contractor will charge you directly to:

  • clean your grease trap
  • transport your grease trap waste to a treatment facility
  • treat your grease trap waste at the treatment facility.


Sydney Water charges

We'll charge you a fixed liquid waste trap (grease trap) charge of $10.55 a quarter for each of your grease traps.

If you don't maintain your pre-treatment, a higher charge of $13.586/kL applies for low strength BOD food and high strength BOD food.

Go to our Fees page to find out more.

Wastesafe transporter directory

Wastesafe transporter


Able Liquid Waste Pty Ltd


David Haugh
0418 224 838
9427 2802


Bingo Commercial Pty Ltd

Customer Service
1300 424 646

C & H Filter Services

Customer Service

0420 293 066
0426 955 915

C and H Maintenance

Richard Fudge
0499 995 408

Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd

Customer Service
8723 6900

Endeavour Liquid Waste

Darren Hubbard
0417 321 353
9534 7201

Enviro Waste Services Group Pty Ltd

Simon Saba
0467 777 646

Grasshopper Environmental

Gavin Stewart
1300 147 277


Jim Baxter
0408 425 604
4256 1801

Halgan Liquid Waste

Swapnil Talekar
0410 836 056

iTreat Pty Ltd

Jason Anderson
1300 780 029
0477 011 157

J.J. Richards Liquid Waste Solutions

Customer Service
9832 4022
9625 1319

Kingz Waste Management

Peter Hart
1300 688 011
0407 775 749

Masterwaste Management Pty Ltd

Gail Buckingham
9894 6111

ORG Organic Recycling Group Pty Ltd

Jim McBurney
1300 674 732

Power Waste Management Pty Ltd

Customer Service
9540 3777  

PumpFree Energy Pty Ltd

Customer Service
1300 349 220

Remondis (Taren Point) Pty Ltd

Tahnee Curtis
9526 2642

Remondis (St Marys) Pty Ltd

Customer Service
8805 5800

Suez Environnment (SITA)

Customer Service
131 335
8832 5903

South Coast Liquid Treatment

John Walker
0412 429 221
4421 0000

Sydneywide Environmental Services Pty Ltd 

Jeff Field
0417 924 993
9627 7133

Unanderra Tanker Hire

JJ Wiedl
4274 4087


Customer Service
132 955

Veolia Unanderra

Customer Service
132 955


Spiro Patapis
0433 229 844

Whites Water Service

Trevor White
0408 231 178

$10.55 a quarter

These charges apply each quarter but are calculated using a daily rate. The charge listed is the maximum quarterly charge based on 92 days, quarters with fewer days will cost less

$10.55 a quarter

These charges apply each quarter but are calculated using a daily rate. The charge listed is the maximum quarterly charge based on 92 days. Quarters with fewer days will cost less