Sewage treatment system monitoring

Reducing wastewater's environmental impact

We aim to reduce the impact of our wastewater system on the environment. To achieve this, we need to carefully monitor and analyse the effects of our system, and adhere to strict guidelines set by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Environmental protection licences

Each wastewater treatment system has an environmental protection licence for the wastewater treatment plants. These are developed with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The licence specifies the performance standards and tests we need to do. We test for all licences under the Sewage Treatment System Impact Monitoring Program and report the results to NSW EPA every year.

Monitoring plan

We have a monitoring plan that sets out how to check for environmental impacts from our wastewater system. Our monitoring plan for the Sewage Treatment System Impact Monitoring Program (20MB) has been developed with, and endorsed by, NSW EPA.

Interpretive reports

We produce an interpretive report at set intervals. It provides a more in-depth look at longer term performance trends of our wastewater system. 

Ocean Sediment Program

2016–17 Interpretive report

2013–14 Interpretive report

Yearly data reports

We produce data reports in between interpretive reports. They provide a check on environmental impacts.

To request past data reports, email