Monitoring services

Sydney Water Monitoring Services

If you have a commercial focus on water quality, you can use Australia's largest dedicated water, trade wastewater and environmental sampling and testing facility. Our lab is based at West Ryde in Sydney. For a fee, we provide a full range of services, including field sampling, laboratory analysis, hydrometric services, sample design, data analysis and reporting.

Want to know more?
See the Sydney Water Monitoring Services fact sheet (445KB) for a summary of what we do. Then call us on 02 9800 6050 or email for a quote, advice or support for your commercial needs.


Why you should choose us

  • We use the latest equipment and techniques.
  • We offer high quality results at very competitive prices.
  • We conduct a wide range of biological and chemical testing and are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) (316KB) in the Life Sciences sector. Under a single accreditation No. 63, we're covered by the following Scopes of Accreditation: Site 56 – under Agribusiness, Environment, Food & Beverage and Materials using chemical testing techniques, and Site 603 – under Environment and Food & Beverage using biological testing techniques.

What we offer

We can provide you with:


How we can help

We can help you to:

  • design a monitoring program
  • interpret the monitoring results.

Our competent, qualified staff use a range of specialised field sampling equipment to collect your samples, including:

  • mobile field laboratories
  • vehicles
  • electrofishing boats
  • air monitoring equipment
  • autosamplers.

You can also hire autosamplers to collect trade waste and water quality samples.

What we offer

We can provide:


We operate one of Australia's largest marine and freshwater ecology (496KB) monitoring services. This helps us to offer you:

  • a complete water quality capability
  • easy-to-understand ecosystem reports.

What we offer

We can provide a full service, which includes:

  • designing your monitoring plan
  • collecting and analysing water quality samples
  • surveying the ecology
  • identifying algae (2MB) and macroinvertebrates in waterways
  • removing carp
  • surveying fish stock
  • collecting and analysing marine sediment samples
  • interpreting test results.

Find out more about our marine capability (481KB).