A blocked loo is on you

Are you a toilet blocker?

Toilet Blockers Anonymous (TBA) is a community for those who have mistakenly (or mischievously) blocked our toilets. Whether it's flushed toys, tissues, or mountains of non-flushable* wet wipes, we know you're not alone. At TBA, we share stories, strategies, and laughs to unclog our lives and flush out our problems.

Meet the blockers

Meet the Blockers, a team boldly acknowledging their flushing mishaps. Sound familiar? Join the conversation—are you guilty of any of these slip-ups?

Larry, Moderator

"One flush at a time guys"

He’s the champion of the chamber, the guru of the loo, the mentor of the men’s room. Larry keeps TBA meetings running as smoothly as unblocked pipes. Thank you for all you do Larry.


Rob Shehadie, Toilet Blocker

"My pipes couldn’t handle non-flushable* wet wipes"

When celebrity Rob Shehadie discovered his pipes couldn’t handle non-flushable* wet wipes, he knew to seek help. Toilet blocking doesn’t discriminate and nor does TBA. Welcome Rob.


Jade, Toilet Blocker

"Hair caused me a toilet nightmare"

Jade and Ruby came to TBA with a hair flushing problem and a mystery. Whose hair blocked the toilet? 100 days later they’re close to solving both.



"I didn't flush the drum kit"

There are rumours Nathan joined TBA after flushing his flatmate’s drum kit. Pee, poo and toilet paper from now on Nathan.


Fiona, Toilet Blocker

"Dental floss can't flush, babe"

The last thing Fiona’s 1 billion Instagram followers wanted to see was her overflowing toilet. But the dental floss she flushed had other ideas. Luckily for Fiona, TBA is here to help.


Ava, Toilet Blocker

"I've had 30 days without a blocked toilet"

Thanks to the power of the 3Ps Eva is now 30 days without a blocked toilet - a milestone that brought a tear to her eye. No flushing those tissues Eva.


Lucas, Toilet Blocker

"Pee, Poo, Toilet Paper... Pee, Poo, Toilet Paper"

Lucas might look too tough to cry, but a blocked toilet can bring anyone to tears. By committing to a three Ps strategy, we’re helping Lucas avoid more flushing faux pas.


Alice, Toilet Blocker

"I never knew tissues could cause issues"

Welcome knitter and former tissue flusher, Alice. A seniors card couldn’t save her from a blocked toilet but TBA can. One flush at a time Alice.


Only flush the 3Ps: Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper!

Each year, we remove hundreds of tonnes of unwanted bathroom products and kitchen waste from waterways and our wastewater system, resulting in substantial costs for customers and the environment. This happens because inappropriate items are being flushed down household drains, causing blockages in the pipes. Since our systems are interconnected, what you flush down the drain makes a difference. 

Don't be a toilet blocker. Blocked toilets stop now not later, only flush pee, poo and toilet paper. 

   *Non-flushable wet wipes are products that do not comply with the Flushable Products Standard (AS/NZS 5328:2022) 

What makes you a toilet blocker?

Sydney Water spends $27 million clearing up to 20,000 blockages from our wastewater system. When household waste gets flushed down the toilet, it creates a clump that eventually blocks drains and clogs wastewater pipes. 

So what's clogging up our pipes? It's the everyday items we often overlook: tissues, dental floss, hair, paper towels, and those sneaky non-flushable* wet wipes. 


Non-Flushable* Wet Wipes

With non-flushable* wet wipes contributing to a whopping 75% of blockages, it's time to be alert. Look for the flushable wet wipes icon on product packaging to ensure you're choosing wipes that are safe to flush.

Check for the flushable icon and ensure they feature the Australian standard (AS/NZS 5328:2022) before flushing all types of wipes include baby wipes, make up wipes and disinfectant wipes.


Paper Towel

Paper towels, designed for superior absorbency and durability, are not meant to be flushed due to their inability to break down.



While it may seem convenient to clean your brush in the toilet, it's important to remember that hair should not be flushed down the drain. Hair cannot dissolve in water. In fact, it floats and easily gets caught on its way out the toilet, snagging whatever comes its way.



Even though tissues look like toilet paper, it's important to remember they are not meant to be flushed. Unlike toilet paper, tissues don't break down easily in water. When you flush them, they can build up and cause blockages in the plumbing system. To avoid these issues, always throw used tissues in the bin instead of the toilet.


Cotton Buds

Cotton buds can't be flushed because they're made of materials that don't dissolve in water. If you flush them down the toilet, they can clog up pipes. Also, the cotton and stick, can get tangled with other items in the sewage system, making blockages worse and causing harm to the environment. It's best to bin them.


Fats, Oils and Grease

Fats, oils and grease should never go down the drain. When oil and grease hit the cool water in your wastewater pipes, they harden. They then combine with other waste like unflushable wet wipes to form a hard blockage known as a 'fatberg'.

Take the Pledge

Now that you have learnt what you can and can’t flush, let's take the pledge together: 

"I swear to not be a toilet blockerTo not flush paper towels, tissues, hair, or wipes that never break down. 

I will not say ‘Just this once’ not even once. Or ‘She’ll be right’ when I’m flushing wrong.

Because the cost of a blocked lav, can be way more than what I have. 

Blocked toilets stop now, not later. I’ll only flush peepoo and toilet paper."

What happens when we flush non-flushables?

Non-flushable* items combine to form a hard blockage known as a 'fatberg'.

These blockages can cause overflows which can be a health and environmental nightmare, with wastewater backing up and overflowing into homes, backyards and local waterways. What’s more, you could be looking at an expensive plumbing bill to fix a blocked drain.

While the actions you take in your own household might seem small, you’re one of nearly 5 million people contributing to Sydney’s wastewater every day. We’re all connected, so what you do can make a big difference.


Want to know more about the wastewater network?


Take the Pledge home: Download our Toilet Pledge for easy reference.