HSC Earth and Environmental Science

Use real-life science in your depth studies

We've developed free educational resources linked to the HSC Earth and Environmental Science syllabus. You can show your students how we manage water in natural and urban environments, and how water treatment technology can support a resilient and liveable city.

Depth study program outline

Looking for inspiration for a whole class depth study? Try these.

Stage 6 HSC Earth and Environmental Science wastewater depth study program

Stage 6 HSC Earth and Environmental Science wastewater depth study sample assessment task (206 KB)

It gives you ideas for 4 hours of in-class activities that will support our Stage 6 Earth and Environmental Science Depth Study excursion.

The resources below should get you started.

Simple water filters

Using everyday items, discover what makes a good water filter.

Wastewater audit

Think about how much wastewater you make and what's in it.

Environmental  protection

Investigate these links to explore how we protect the environment.

Environmental protection – how we're contributing to healthy waterways.

EPA pollution monitoring data reports – why we test water quality at our plants and publish our results.

Energy management and climate change – how we improve our energy efficiency. 

Heritage conservation – how we protect our connections from our past for the future.

Stormwater audits

Identify pollutants in your stormwater drains and help keep waterways clean.