About the Greater Sydney Water Strategy

About the Greater Sydney Water Strategy

As our city continues to grow, we must ensure we have a resilient and reliable water supply that is less reliant on rainfall. We need to do things differently to ensure we have a safe, resilient and secure water supply now and for the future.

The NSW Government and its agencies have jointly developed a State Water Strategy and a Greater Sydney Water Strategy (GSWS). These strategies will provide the policy guidance to inform water planning for the immediate future and the medium to long term. 

The GSWS charts a direction for delivering sustainable and resilient water services for the next 20 to 40 years, servicing a growing Greater Sydney, including the Illawarra and Blue Mountains, and safeguarding our city even in times of prolonged drought and extreme weather events. 

The strategy sets out priorities and actions for the delivery of water, wastewater, recycled water and stormwater services into the future in a way that is integrated with land use planning.

Here are the high-level commitments from the GSWS

49 GL/y water saving - Comprehensive water conservation and efficiency program

Additional 20 GL/y - Increased use of Sydney Desalination Plant

Explore all rainfall independent supply options

Purified recycled water


Increase use of stormwater and recycled water to cool and green the city

Upgrades, interconnections and leak management


Incorporate sustainable water use into planning


Invest in wastewater and improve waterway health

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