Plans & strategies

Good planning helps us:

  • prepare for future challenges
  • provide better services for our customers.

View or download our latest plans and strategies:

Plan or strategy  Purpose
One strategy to deliver our vision

This plan outlines our vision, aspirations and values for the future.

Environment Strategy This strategy outlines our environmental goal and objectives. Our Environment Plan explains how we'll achieve them.
Enhancing the liveability of our cities

This plan explains how we're enabling vibrant neighbourhoods and communities.

Our Environment Plan

This plan helps us manage environmental risks and impacts.

Drinking Water Management Manual

This manual is part of our Drinking Water Management System and outlines our commitment to providing safe and reliable drinking water.

Pesticide use notification plan

This plan informs the community about pesticide use in public areas in residential complexes.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

This plan details how we'll respond to water and wastewater pollution incidents.

Research and Innovation Strategy This strategy sets out our vision and roadmap to 2020 and beyond.