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DAPTO, KANAHOOKA, KOONAWARRA, BROWNSVILLE: A burst water main at Brownsville has caused lower than normal water pressure in the surrounding areas. Some customers in Brownsville and Kembla Grange will have no water for the duration of the repair. Repairs are scheduled to be completed tonight and water supply will return to normal. Please search below for further updates in your area.
  We're not currently working in this area.

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Every day, we supply over 1.4 billion litres of drinking water to homes and businesses. Although pipes sometimes break unexpectedly, the water supply is available at least 99.7% of the time across our entire water network. 

It's important for us to save water wherever possible. If you've seen water where it shouldn't be, such as on a road or footpath, please report a leak.  

Our water is among the world's best. We provide safe drinking water and test it at every stage before it arrives at your tap.