Western Parkland City

Planning a cooler, greener future

With water playing a lead role in cooling and greening the city, we're working, as part of the Parkland City Planning Partnership, to identify and create opportunities to help bring the Western Parkland City vision to life. Water and wastewater are essential for growth and development, but they'll also play a vital role in ensuring the Western Parkland City becomes a vibrant, liveable, sustainable urban centre.

The parkland city

We’re working with customers, partners and the wider community to deliver affordable and essential water services, healthy waterways and vibrant, cool, green places for people to come together to live, work and play in Western Sydney.

Taking an integrated approach to managing the total water cycle, we’re accelerating the construction of new water and wastewater assets, as well as amplifying existing services to support current and future growth.  

A vital resource for an exciting future

Western Sydney is in the midst of an exciting transformation, and none of it is possible without water.

Between 2020 and 2022, we’re investing $1.3 billion in infrastructure projects in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Growth Area (WSAGA). By 2026, we’ll have invested about $3 billion in infrastructure across the Western Sydney Parkland City.

Reusing water is central to this approach, and there are already some recycled water schemes in place for non-drinking purposes. 

We’re working with customers, businesses, other utilities, government agencies and councils through the Parkland City Planning Partnership to identify and collaborate on opportunities for integrated, water resilient and landscape-led planning that will help bring the Western Sydney Parkland City vision to life.

See our Growth Servicing Plan to learn more about our 5-year planning outlook for water and wastewater infrastructure, including processes and anticipated timelines and how you can accelerate ‘out-of-sequence’ developments.

Learn more about how we're Creating a water resilient city: Bringing the Western Parkland City to life (2MB)


Reimagining water in Western Sydney

Sydney Water is reimagining the way we plan, deliver and manage water to support the Western Parkland City. The aim of this plan is to ensure 'our customers enjoy affordable and essential water services, healthy waterways, and vibrant, cool and green places'.

With the Re-imagining Water in Western Sydney: Western Sydney Regional Master Plan (9MB) we’re forging a pathway towards a more integrated, sustainable and resilient water future, that keeps water in the landscape, contributes to the circular economy and brings about whole-of-community benefits. We estimate that this approach will add $10 billion in socio-economic value to the region. 

Our regional master plan outlines an adaptable approach to planning, delivering and managing water services by:

  • integrating whole-of-water cycle servicing options with land use planning for the Western Parkland City
  • understanding the broader economic benefits of alternative servicing approaches
  • engaging with key government agencies to get the best customer outcomes.

We're delivering a water-sensitive parkland city

We're building an Advanced Water Recycling Centre at Kemps Creek.

Building new infrastructure

We’re planning and delivering infrastructure to support newly released and rezoned land. We’re:

  • planning and delivering infrastructure to support growth for the Aerotropolis and the South West Growth Area
  • developing an Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre to underpin growth services within the region
  • investigating bioenergy service options to support the Agribusiness Precinct
  • constructing 14 kilometres of trunk mains along the Northern Road at Oran Park to cater for growth
  • amplifying the water network to increase capacity to support initial growth in the Mamre Road Precinct
  • providing recycled water to 12,400 homes as part of the Hoxton Park Recycled Water Scheme (when the homes have been built) – in the meantime, we’re looking at how we can use the recycled water infrastructure to reduce the demand on drinking water by using recycled water to build other infrastructure in Western Sydney.

Improving existing infrastructure

We’re improving the current infrastructure by:

  • upgrading existing wastewater network and treatment facilities, such as the St Marys, Quakers Hill, Rouse Hill and West Camden water recycling plants to support future growth
  • developing the servicing strategy to deliver major infrastructure and considering how we can use existing plants to service initial growth for the Aerotropolis
  • progressively linking Prospect and Macarthur water delivery systems to support growth – learn more about ProMac.

The new reservoir, pumping station and pipelines at Cecil Park are part of the work to link Prospect and Macarthur water delivery systems.