Dial Before You Dig enquiries

Don’t hit a water main by accident

If you’re excavating, make sure you don’t accidentally damage underground pipes, cables or utilities. You may be financially responsible. Whether you’re installing a pool or working on a commercial site, get plans of our assets online via the free Dial Before You Dig enquiry service.

Always check before you excavate.

Always check before you excavate.

How to lodge an enquiry

  • Visit Dial Before You Dig at 1100.com.au 24/7.
  • Download the Dial Before You Dig app for iPhone and iPad.

If you have other questions, call the Dial Before You Dig Help Desk 1100 on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

If it’s an emergency

Call us on 13 20 90 24/7 if you need urgent asset locations after hours. We may be able to give you approximate details of our asset locations. Always confirm the information with Dial Before You Dig.

What the process looks like

  • Visit 1100.com.au 24/7 to register or sign in.
  • Lodge a free enquiry online to notify registered Dial Before You Dig members who own underground assets near your proposed excavation. They’ll be listed in your Caller Confirmation.
  • If Sydney Water is on the list, you don’t need to contact us. We’ll respond to you directly and send plans of our assets by email or fax within a few hours. You can also choose to have the plans posted to you.

Make sure you define your dig site accurately when you lodge your enquiry. The plans you receive will only cover the area highlighted in the ‘Locality Indication Only’ window on your Caller Confirmation. They won’t reflect street address details or any other information in your enquiry.

What you’ll receive

We’ll send these documents by email: