Stop being a water waster

Bob's back – now with little Bob

Guess who's back this summer? It's Bob! And he's got a surprise guest... little Bob! The younger Bob is here to show present-day Bob how to stop being a water waster at home. 
With another drought looming on the horizon, your help is vital to save our water supply. Make a big difference this summer by being smart with water. Small changes can save both water and money off your bill. If you're a water waster, stop being a water waster. Let's do this together.

Save water this summer

Little Bob knows a thing or two about how to use less water around your home and garden. Here are a few of his top tips.

Only run a full dishwasher

Give your dishes the care they deserve while also showing your wallet some love. Instead of following in Bob's footsteps, stop being a water waster! Wait until your dishwasher is brimming with dirty dishes before hitting the start button. It's a simple act that speaks volumes – conserving water, saving money, and saying ‘no’ to unnecessary waste.

Use a nozzle

Putting an end to your water-wasting habits is as simple as adding a nozzle to your hose before you wash your car or tend to your garden. For such a small, budget-friendly device, it really makes a big difference in how much water you use.

Use the half flush

Say ‘goodbye’ to full flushing and ‘hello’ to the half- flush hero. It's time to embrace a simple change that saves both water and money.

Make sure you upgrade to a dual flush when it's time to replace your old toilet. Unlike single- flush toilets that guzzle 11 litres per flush, modern dual- flush toilets are water- saving champions, using just 4.5 litres for a full flush and a mere 3 litres for the half flush. Opt for the half- flush whenever you can, and see the significant impact on both your water usage and utility bills. 

Turn off the tap while you brush 

Treat your tap like it owes you money, especially when brushing your teeth. Let's put an end to water wastefulness.

Bob's way is out; it's time to make a change. Simply turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. It's a small act that adds up to significant water savings.

Other ways to save water around the home 

Learn how to save water around the home with the interactive image below. Small changes in water wise behaviours can save you money onff your next water bill.  

Preparing for drought

The severe drought of 2019 left a lasting impact on our community, with bushfires, water restrictions, and skyrocketing produce prices. At Sydney Water, we are doing everything we can to reduce the impact of future droughts on customers. To enable you to be as water wise and resilient as possible, we are investing in water supplies that don’t depend on rainfall and our dams, such as desalination and purified recycled water.

More ways to save water

  • Consider greywater reuse. Greywater is reusable wastewater from washing machines, showers, baths and basins. Untreated, it's a good source of important nutrients for many plants. When it's treated, you can also use it to flush toilets and wash your clothes.
  • Install a rainwater tank. If a rainwater tank is properly installed and plumbed into your home, you could save up to 40% of your drinking water supply and $200 a year off your water bills.
  • Set a target for the water you use. You can see your average daily water use on your water bill, and keep an eye on your water meter to track of how much water you're using.