Bracelot Honey Myrtle

Melaleuca armillaris - botanical name

Melaleuca armillaris

Evergreen large bushy shrub or small tree (5m x 7m) from Qld; NSW (including Sydney) and Vic. Soft fine dark green leaves. White bottlebrush like flowers in spring and summer. Useful as a screen; windbreak and bird attracting. Very tolerant to salinity. Prune back heavily at planting to encourage self bracing. Susceptible to sawfly larvae. Drought tolerant and semi frost tolerant. *Known to damage underground services, do not plant within 6 metres of any wastewater pipe.

  • Plant type
    Tree, Shrub
  • Sun/Shade tolerance
    Full sun
  • Frost tolerance
    Frost sensitive
  • Soil type(s)
    Sand, Clay, Loam
  • Water rating
  • Plant origin
    Indigenous (Qld; NSW (Sydney))
  • Scale
    Scale Image