Snow in Summer

Melaleuca linariifolia - botanical name

Melaleuca linariifolia

Evergreen small bushy tree with corky whitish bark (10m x 5m) from Qld and NSW (including Sydney). Bright green linear leaves. Dense terminal spikes of creamy white feather-like flowers in late spring. Useful as a screen; shade tree or to soak up water in a wet position. Frost and drought tolerant. Additional irrigation above natural rainfall may be required if growing conditions do not replicate the plant's natural occurrence. *Known to damage underground services, do not plant within 6 metres of any wastewater pipe.

  • Plant type
  • Sun/Shade tolerance
    Full sun
  • Frost tolerance
    Frost hardy
  • Soil type(s)
    Sand, Clay, Loam
  • Water rating
  • Plant origin
    Indigenous (Qld; NSW (Sydney in marshy swamps on Cumberland Plain & Hawkesbury sandstone))
  • Scale
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