Blueberry Ash

Elaeocarpus reticulatus - botanical name

Elaeocarpus reticulatus

Evergreen dense crowned and conical shaped tree (12m x 5m) from Qld; NSW (including Sydney); Vic & Tas. Dark green oblong to lanceolate leaves with serrate margins and occasional bright red leaves. White cup shaped flowers with a fringed edge followed by deep blue berries. Useful as a shade tree or screen. Tolerates a shady position. Bird attracting. Tolerant of all but extreme frost. Pink form available. Drought tolerant. Additional irrigation above natural rainfall may be required if growing conditions do not replicate the plant's natural occurrence.

  • Plant type
  • Sun/Shade tolerance
    Full Sun, Shade, Part Shade
  • Frost tolerance
    Frost hardy
  • Soil type(s)
    Sand, Loam, Clay
  • Water rating
  • Plant origin
    Indigenous (Qld. NSW (Sydney); Vic & Tas)
  • Scale
    Scale Image