Neoregelia concentrica - botanical name

Neoregelia concentrica

Evergreen spreading basal rosetted epiphytic perennial (0.3m x 0.7m) from Brazil. Stiff broadly strap shaped to oval glossy leaves with short black spines. Pale green leaf colour often flecked with purple and striped silver grey beneath. Centre of rosette turns purple prior to flowering. Cluster of pale blue flowers in the centre of each rosette in summer. Useful specimen; edging or mass planted in a courtyard or sheltered position particularly for a tropical themed garden. Suitable pot plant. Need moist well drained composted soil. Best in dappled shade with warmth and humidity but good air movement. Frost and drought sensitive.

  • Plant type
  • Sun/Shade tolerance
    Part Shade, Shade
  • Frost tolerance
    Frost sensitive
  • Soil type(s)
  • Water rating
  • Plant origin
    Non indigenous (Brazil)
  • Scale
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