Certificates, documents & diagrams

You may need a certificate, document or diagram if you're building or developing.

You can buy them online from Sydney Water Tap in™ or one of our Property Link brokers.

Product Property Link broker Sydney Water Tap in
Conveyancing certificate Yes No
Service location print Yes Yes
Sewerage service diagram Yes Yes
Building over/adjcent to sewer letter Yes No
Special meter read Yes No
Section 88G certificate Yes No

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Company name  One off credit card payment
Hazlett Information Services

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InfoTrack Yes
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Tri Search Yes

Which product do you need?

A conveyancing certificate identifies outstanding property charges.

The selling agent and your conveyancer use the information on the certificate to allocate outstanding charges between the current and new owner.

A service location print shows:

  • our pipes and structures on a property
  • the property's point of connection to our sewer system.

Selling agents and conveyancers use the diagram to provide information about our pipes.

The information on this diagram helps you check:

  • if the property has a point of connection to our sewer system
  • where the point of connection to our sewer system is (it may be on another property)
  • where our pipes are located
  • how close the existing building is to our pipes
  • if you need to find out if we gave approval for the building.

A sewer service diagram shows the private wastewater pipes on a property.

Selling agents and conveyancers use this diagram to check if:

  • the plumbing work on a property has been inspected
  • there are any private pipes crossing the property.

NSW Fair Trading must inspect all private plumbing work.

If there's plumbing in the house that isn't shown on the diagram, the work may not have been inspected by NSW Fair Trading. This means it may not comply with plumbing requirements.

For more information about plumbing requirements, visit NSW Fair Trading.

Want to know what a symbol means on a diagram? Find out by reading our Help with your sewer diagram fact sheet.

building over sewer letter tells you if we approved a building close to, or over, our pipes.

Selling agents and conveyancers use the letter to determine if a building on a property has been built with our approval.

We must approve all buildings and structures that need approval from council or a private certifier.

If you're building over or next to assets, you need to understand our requirements. They ensure you don't damage our pipes and structures and we have ongoing access to maintain them.
You may need to ask us to read a meter earlier than usual if you're selling or leasing a property.

We can read the meter and send a bill based on the special meter reading.

Selling agents and conveyancers use meter reading information before the sale of a property is finalised to calculate water use since the last meter reading. 
A Section 88G certificate identifies any charges billed to the property owner that aren't covered by the normal charges shown on the bill.

This debt  isn't transferred to the new owner when the property is sold.

Selling agents and conveyancers use this information to determine if the owner has any debts to us that aren't shown on normal bills.

If we've incurred costs that should be paid by the owner, we'll charge them. This might happen if the owner has done work that's damaged our pipes.