WaterFix® Strata

Novel coronavirus (COVID -19) - Important information

While we aren't currently able to visit sites in person, we're still responding to enquiries and offering desktop benchmarking of the water use in strata buildings. 

This important step will help us prepare to provide quotes and do plumbing work in the future. 

All quote inspections and plumbing work is on hold until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

WaterFix® Strata delivers large scale, cost-effective water savings to inefficient residential strata-managed buildings.

Over 87% of water use in apartment buildings occurs within each apartment, mostly from showers. We've achieved water savings of up to 30% for buildings after they've used our WaterFix® Strata service (depending on the building's level of water efficiency). We've found that this service delivers best on buildings using over 550 litres of water per bedroom each day.

Like WaterFix® Residential, cost and water savings are immediate and buildings also benefit from energy savings due to reduced hot water use.


How does WaterFix® Strata work?

We can estimate a building's possible water savings by:

  • using our water efficiency benchmarking tools
  • identifying the number of bedrooms
  • looking at the building's water use history.

If our estimate shows that a building looks to have a good savings potential, we'll work with the strata manager and inspect a sample of units in the building. We offer an accurate quotation process, project management, appointment coordination and financing options.

Once we get the go ahead, we'll book appointments with each apartment owner. We achieve water savings by:

  • repairing leaks
  • installing water efficient devices in each apartment
  • fixing leaks in common areas.

How does the billing work? 

There are two payment options available:

  1. Direct fee for service.
  2. Performance payment plan based on the value of water saved. The repayment plan will start from your next Sydney Water bill. 

How can you book? 

If you're a strata manager or you live in a residential strata managed building and are concerned about wasting water, WaterFix® Strata may be able to help.

To find out more:


high rise apartments

Residential strata managed high rise buildings can save water though WaterFix® Strata.