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We offer tailored programs and resources to help you achieve best practice in total water management.

What we offer

We’ve developed a range of resources that will help you improve your water efficiency.

Our seven-point plan for holistic water management provides a useful framework for businesses to develop a resource management plan to structure and prioritise their water management.

Hotels, hostels and entertainment venues

We've commissioned a water efficiency segment analysis for hotels, hostels and entertainment venues for the City of Sydney and the Sustainable Destination Partnership. The project included an assessment of water use at 10 sample sites across Sydney to identify for each segment:

  • an average water use breakup which identifies how water was used at the sites
  • a summary of recommendations and existing efficiencies
  • focus area recommendations and tips for progressing water efficiency.

The  Sustainable Destination Partner - Water Efficiency Summary Report summaries the findings and recommendations identified by consultants BMT Commercial Australia for the participants of the segment analysis. This report can be used as a helpful resource to refer to when identifying water saving opportunities at your site. 

Our rainwater tank calculator will help you: 

  • estimate how much water a rainwater tank could save your business
  • select the most suitable tank size for your needs.

If you're a business customer and have been assigned a Sydney Water relationship manager, we conduct regular meetings and can:

  • clarify your agreement with us
  • discuss monitoring your water meter to identify leaks
  • discuss how you can benchmark your water use to help achieve best practice 
  • help audit your water use to see how efficiently you're using water
  • discuss possible contingency arrangements so you're prepared for interruptions to the water supply 
  • explain our backflow prevention requirements
  • explain our requirements if you're redeveloping or need new connections to our systems. 
Sydney Water representative working with business customers on site

We offer a range of services and resources to help you manage your water use.

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