Apply for a permit to water new turf

Level 1 water restrictions apply

You can water new turf without a permit for four weeks after laying it, as long as you follow the four week watering plan allowed under water restrictions.

This means you don't need a permit to water new turf for the first four weeks after turf is laid. Only apply if your turf is not established after four weeks and you have a continuous area of new turf  30 m2 or larger. We'll assess all applications against Level 1 water restrictions.

How we'll assess your application

If you after four weeks watering new turf you can still pull the turf away from the ground, the roots aren't established.

If you have a continuous area of new turf smaller than 30 m2, water according to the water restrictions with a hose with a trigger nozzle before 10 am or after 4 pm. You can also use drip irrigation or smart watering systems.

If  you have a continuous area of new turf 30 m2 or larger, you can apply for a permit to use sprinklers or watering systems. We'll assess your application and contact you to let you know if you're eligible or if we need more information to provide you with a permit.  

If approved, the permit will enable you to continue watering areas of at least 30 m2 of continuous turf with a watering system or sprinklers. You must follow the conditions set out on your permit, which will include a new watering plan. The new watering plan will outline when and how you can water your turf.

Please keep your proof of purchase for your new turf, as you might need to show this to one of our Community Water Officers along with your permit.

Apply to continue watering new turf beyond the initial four week plan using the form below.

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Please note: Insert the area of the largest section of new turf that is not separated by paths or driveways. You must have at least 30 m2 continuous area of new turf to apply.

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