Environmental protection

Environmental protection is important to us. We build environmental planning, management and design into our work.

We aim to reduce and avoid harmful impacts on the natural and built environment where possible.

Staff member standing knee deep in water holding net

We test catchment water quality to protect our water supply system.

We continually monitor our environmental performance. Our Operating Licence sets environmental performance indicators to monitor our impact on the environment.

Each year, we report on our environmental performance through our Annual environmental performance report, which includes our statement of implementation of our Special Objectives and our Environmental performance indicators report.

We test water quality at our wastewater treatment plants, water filtration plants and at the advanced water treatment plant routinely.

Each wastewater treatment system has an Environment Protection Licence with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The licence specifies the performance standards we must meet and the tests we need to do. We publish summaries in our:

We provide essential water services and conduct our operations in line with the principles of ecologically sustainable development. We continually strive to improve our environmental performance until our operations cause no harm to the environment while supporting a thriving, liveable and sustainable city. 

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a plan of action for people, the planet and prosperity. As providers of essential water services, we want to see the realisation of Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation.

We believe universal access to safe water and sanitation is key to creating a better future and we know there is more work to be done.

Learn about our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals at the Water Services Association of Australia.
We've developed our longer term environmental contribution to the future direction of our cities in our Environment Strategy.

We're delivering our strategy to provide water services for our city that sustain and enhance the lifestyle of our customers now and in the future. To do this, we have objectives, priority outcomes and targets across four themes:
  • Healthy waterways and clean beaches.
  • Create resilient and liveable places.
  • Care for nature, land and heritage.
  • Efficient and sustainable resource use.
We use our Environment plan to outline the actions we'll take to manage environmental risks and impacts, and to work towards achieving our environmental objectives.

The environmental objectives, outcomes and targets in our Environment Strategy guide the actions developed for our plan.

Read our Environmental policy to learn about our commitment to the environment.

We use an Environmental Management System (EMS) to protect the environment in our day to day operations. Our EMS is part of our integrated management system which includes Quality, Safety and Asset Management components.

The EMS helps us manage, review, correct, and improve our activities and operations to minimise our impacts on the environment.  It's certified to international standard ISO14001:2015.

ISO14001 Certification logo

This means we've:

  • demonstrated due diligence in environmental management
  • got top management commitment
  • got predictable and consistent processes
  • reduced waste management costs
  • reduced use of energy and materials.
We use environmental assessments to plan, operate and maintain our assets.

We invite community and stakeholder input and try to have a low impact on the environment.
Staff member with testing equipment near garden tap in front of a home

We regularly test the water supply to ensure we're providing high quality water.