West Dapto Urban Release Area and Adjacent Growth Areas

This project covers the areas of Avondale, Cleveland, Kembla Grange, Sheaffes/Wongawilli, West Horsley and Yallah/Marshall Mount. Adjacent areas include Calderwood, Huntley, Tullimbar and Tallawarra.

The project will be completed in stages between 2014 and 2048.

Aerial view showing greeen pastures and lake in distance

New services are needed for about 30,000 homes in the Illawarra.

About the West Dapto Urban Release Area

The West Dapto Urban Release Area and Adjacent Growth Areas are expected to have about 30,000 new homes and nearly 500 hectares of non-residential development up to 2048.

In 2013, we came up with a plan to provide drinking water and wastewater infrastructure for the area. This will be rolled out in stages along with the development.

We worked closely with many stakeholders while developing our plan, including:

  • the Department of Planning and Environment
  • local councils
  • relevant state agencies
  • the Illawarra Urban Development Committee
  • the local community.

We committed to minimising our impact on the environment and prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) as part of our application to do the work. This application was under the former Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Since then, the forecast demand for water and wastewater infrastructure and the approval framework has changed. In January 2016, we modified the area covered by our Environment Assessment to only include infrastructure needed in Kembla Grange, Sheaffes/Wongawilli and West Horsley.

We'll complete environmental assessments as needed for the remaining areas (Avondale, Calderwood, Cleveland, Huntley, Tallawarra, Tullimbar and Yallah/Marshall Mount).

Our Growth Servicing Plan (GSP) shows how we'll provide infrastructure for development up to 2022. It shows when infrastructure is likely to be ready over the next five years. We'll update it every year.

Project maps

We'll deliver infrastructure for development as it happens in the West Dapto Urban Release Area.

We'll continue to consult with affected stakeholders while we plan, design and build infrastructure. This includes government agencies, landowners, developers and the community.

Current projects 

Future projects

In 2014, we prepared concept designs for new infrastructure for Yallah/Marshall Mount and Tallawarra. The timing of building this infrastructure will depend on the demand for services.

Completed projects

  • West Dapto Package 1 - completed in 2015. We delivered drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to:
-  Darkes Road, Dapto
-  Shone Avenue, Wongawilli
-  West Dapto Road, Kembla Grange
  • West Dapto Package 1A - completed in 2016. We delivered water and wastewater lead-in infrastructure:
-  to West Dapto Road and Sheaffes Road, Kembla Grange
-  near West Dapto Road and Smiths Lane, Wongawilli.
  • Calderwood Package 1 - completed in 2018. We delivered a new:
-  wastewater pumping station off Farmgate Crescent, Calderwood
-  gravity wastewater main from Escarpment Drive to the pump station following Macquarie Rivulet
-  barometric loop and ventilation shaft off Tongarra Road, Albion Park
-  pressure wastewater main connecting the pump station to the existing Shellharbour network via the barometric loop.
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