Our projects in Sydney's north

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We regularly assess our infrastructure to ensure it's in good condition.

We're continually maintaining the quality of our drinking water and making improvements to provide a reliable water supply.

Water asset maintenance and renewal

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - ongoing

We assess the condition of our large water pipes to get information about which pipes need to be repaired or replaced before they break. As part of our maintenance program, we also clean and refurbish our water reservoirs, and replace aging electrical monitoring equipment.

Learn more about our Water Asset Maintenance and Renewal Program.

Water pressure management

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - ongoing

We're reducing water pressure in various areas across Sydney where the pressure is excessively high. 

Learn more about our Water Pressure Management Program

Water pressure monitoring

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - ongoing

We're monitoring and improving water pressure levels in various areas across Sydney. This involves replacing old pressure gauges and installing booster pumps in areas with very low or inconsistent water pressure. 

Learn more about our Water Pressure Monitoring Program.

Leak detection

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - ongoing

We have a network of over 21,000 kilometres of water pipes. Leak detection and repair is one of the main ways we reduce water loss.

Learn more about our Leak Detection Program.

We're always upgrading and repairing our existing wastewater system. We're also improving wastewater services in many unsewered villages through our Priority Sewerage Program.

Our wastewater projects help protect public health and the environment.

Galston and Glenorie Wastewater Scheme

  • Location - Galston and Glenorie
  • Timeframe - the scheme was completed in mid 2015 and eligible properties are now connecting to the new wastewater service
We've provided improved wastewater services to Galston and Glenorie.

Learn more about the Galston and Glenorie Wastewater Scheme.

Network Repairs

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - 2016 to 2020

We're repairing small sections of cracked, collapsed or damaged wastewater pipes across our system. About 4,000 jobs are done each year as part of our network repair work.

Learn more about Network repair work.

Sewer and Stormwater Rehabilitation Program

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - this work is underway and will continue to 2020

We're upgrading our wastewater and stormwater pipes across Sydney. This work will help prevent leaks in pipes for the next 50 years.

Learn more about our Sewer and Stormwater Rehabilitation Program.

Internal Surcharge Improvement Program

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney. Key locations include Banksia, Baulkham Hills, Beverly Hills, Castle Hill, Concord, Drummoyne, Ermington, Fairfield East, Freshwater, Kogarah, Mosman, Putney, Quakers Hill, Seven Hills, West Pennant Hills, West Ryde, Wollongong and Woronora
  • Timeframe - this work is underway and will continue until 2018 

We're currently in the planning or construction stage for a number of projects that will help fix wastewater surcharges at private properties.

Learn more about our Internal Surcharge Improvement Program.

North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Location - Manly
  • Timeframe - odour management work was finished in 2017 with some related projects to continue until mid 2018

We replaced the odour control system (scrubber) on the Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall Sewer in 2017. This will improve odour management at North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Learn more about the North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Most of the stormwater pipes and channels in the Sydney metropolitan area are the responsibility of local councils. Sydney Water owns some of the large stormwater pipes, channels and drains.

We work closely with local councils and other agencies to manage Sydney’s stormwater flows.

Silt and debris management

  • Location - various suburbs across Sydney
  • Timeframe - 2010 to mid 2023

We're removing silt, sand and sediment from our wastewater and stormwater pipes.

Learn more about our Silt and Debris Management Program.

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