Water Pressure Monitoring

We monitor water pressure in all areas of greater Sydney.

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We install electronic pressure gauges to monitor water pressure levels across Sydney.

About water pressure monitoring

Monitoring water pressure

We use pressure gauges to monitor water pressure throughout our 22,000 kilometre network of water pipes.

To maintain the network’s reliability, we sometimes need to replace old water pressure gauges. 

These new gauges relay information back to a central recording system via an electronic transmitter. This enables us to monitor daily changes in water pressure.

If the water pressure in an area falls near or below the minimum required level, we can remotely adjust the water system to maintain the minimum water pressure.

The timing will vary depending on the type of work we're doing.

We first write to affected customers about the work.

Where the work will have a high impact, we may also door knock affected customers to discuss the work and impacts in detail.

Why do some areas have higher pressure than others?

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We supply your water through a network of water supply zones. Water reservoirs are located at high points in each supply zone. Water is distributed from the reservoir across the zone using gravity.

Water pressure varies at different locations in the zone, depending on:

  • how far you are from the reservoir
  • your property’s elevation in relation to the reservoir.

This means properties in low areas receive higher water pressure. Properties in high areas receive lower water pressure.

What should you do if you have a water pressure problem?

Check that:

  • the tap on your water meter that controls water flow to your property is fully turned on
  • any taps that control flow to your hot water system and other devices are fully turned on.
To know more about our water pressure monitoring program, call us on 13 20 92 (during business hours).