Water Asset Maintenance & Renewals Program

Our Water Asset Maintenance and Renewal Program runs in all areas of greater Sydney.

Two men standing next to large pipe in excavated site

We assess our large pipes to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

About water asset maintenance and renewals

Our work reduces leaks and breaks, and helps maintain good quality drinking water and a reliable water system.

Maintenance and repairs

We're improving our water supply system by fixing and renewing our water assets. This includes:

  • old or damaged water pipes 
  • valves
  • hydrants
  • private water service pipes.
We also upgrade our reservoirs by cleaning, painting, strengthening and relining them.

Monitoring and prevention

We assess the condition of our large water pipes to identify which ones need to be repaired or replaced before they break.

We also repair and replace electrical equipment that helps us remotely monitor water flow, pressures and levels.

Work to monitor and repair our water system is ongoing.

Some work may take as little as a few days, while other properties can take several months. In longer projects, such as replacing large water pipes, work often happens across a few streets.  It's unlikely that we will work in front of your property for the whole length of the project.

Sometimes you won't see any crews at a work site for a while, as new water pipes are cleaned and tested. Once a new water pipe has passed all health quality tests, we'll return to complete the work. This includes restoration.

If we're working in your area, we'll write to affected customers about the work. We may also door knock your property to discuss the work and its impacts in detail.

If you'd like more information about work in your area, call us on 13 20 92.

How will you be affected by this work?

If we're working in your street, you may notice an increase in noise and truck and vehicle movements. We may have to dig areas of the road, footpath or nature strip, and divert traffic around the work area.

If we're replacing a pipe, we'll bore underneath driveways wherever we can. However, if we need to dig across your driveway, we'll temporarily restore it at the end of each work day.

If we're working on the reservoir that usually supplies your water and your property needs to be temporarily supplied with water from another reservoir, you may notice a change in water pressure. The type of change will depend on the elevation of your property and the amount of water being used in your area at the time.

How will we communicate with you?

For planned work, we'll write to affected customers before work starts. We may also door knock your property to discuss our work.

We place signs near the work area when work begins. If we need to disrupt the water supply or connect you to a temporary water supply, we'll tell you either in person or by letter or card in your mailbox.

How will your water or power supply be interrupted?

We'll usually need to temporarily interrupt your water supply and sometimes your power supply during our work.

We'll advise you in writing of any planned water or power shutdowns and work with you to minimise any impacts.

If an emergency shutdown is required for any reason, we won't be able to notify you in advance. For 24 hour emergency assistance, please call us on 13 20 90.

Why might we need to test the electrical switchboard at your property?

If your property’s electrical system is defective and relies on the metal water pipe to ground electrical currents, our workers and the property's residents may be at risk from an electric shock.

To reduce this risk, our contractors test properties for electrical faults before work starts. 

When will we restore the street? 

Once all work is finished in your street, we'll restore sections of the road, footpath or driveway that we've cut.

We generally put high quality topsoil and grass seed on any disturbed nature strips. Residents can help the seeds germinate and continue to grow by watering from time to time in line with Water Wise Rules.

When will we be working?

We'll try to avoid working at night, but sometimes we need to work at night when there's less traffic and water use is lower.

What will happen in bad weather?

For safety reasons, we generally can't work during heavy rain. We'll tell you if we need to postpone work for an extended period.

Why are we returning to work in the same area after only a short time?

We monitor all the pipes across our network to identify and replace those at high risk of failure. We prioritise pipes in most urgent need of replacement to minimise the risk of pipe breaks and water leaks. 

Sometimes we need to return at a later date to replace other sections of pipe that are less critical than the ones we've already replaced.

To learn more about our water asset maintenance and renewal program:

  • call us on 13 20 92 (during business hours).