Northside Storage Tunnel status report

The Northside Storage Tunnel helps protect public health, recreational uses and aquatic ecosystems in the Sydney Harbour catchment. It also minimises the impact of wastewater overflows.

The tunnel helps:

  • maximise flow in the Northern Suburbs Ocean Outfall System (NSOOS)
  • reduce wet weather wastewater overflows to the environment
  • maximise the volume of overflow captured at the four overflow sites.

We update this table regularly during wet weather and periodically during dry weather. We notify key community stakeholders by email when we update this information.

Last updated: 28 April 2019
Operating mode: NSOOS maintenance mode
Operating status: Filling
Ventilation: Via North Head with air drawn from Lane Cove and Scotts Creek
Overflow /
Connection site
Tunnel inflows Overflows to
Tunnel venting Total overflow
volume captured
Lane Cove Yes No No 40,906 ML
Scotts Creek Yes No No 16,515 ML
Tunks Park No No - 24,234 ML
Quakers Hat Bay No No No 5,747 ML
Shelly Beach No No - 5,032 ML
  Total 92,434 ML

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