Discount on your stormwater charges

Do you stop most of the stormwater leaving your property?
If you store and re-use most of the stormwater around your home, you can now apply for a discount on your stormwater charges.

Instead of paying $19.76 for your stormwater charge each quarter, you'll pay just $6.32.

This is the same as the strata unit price.

If you're already paying the strata unit price, there's no need to apply for a discount.

You must stop most of the stormwater leaving your property by storing and re-using it around your home.

There are many ways you can do this. Some examples include installing:

  • a rainwater tank that collects all your roof water and connecting it to your toilets, washing machine and hot water system
  • an infiltration system or raingarden that stops stormwater leaving your property.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  • stop most of the stormwater leaving your property
  • store and re-use most of the stormwater on your property
  • own a house and pay us a stormwater charge for it.

If your house was built under the Building and Sustainability Index (BASIX), you can apply if you've added extra systems to stop stormwater leaving your property. A standard BASIX home doesn't store and use enough stormwater to be eligible. 

Find out more about sustainable building.

If you live in a strata unit, you don't need to apply as you already pay the discounted price.

Is your rainwater tank just for your garden?
You won't qualify for the discount because you don't stop enough stormwater leaving your property.

Who can't apply?

You can't apply if:

  • you live in the Rouse Hill area. Your area has its own water cycle management program
  • you don't pay us a stormwater charge.
Are you a business customer?
Claim a low impact discount for your business.

Not sure?

Check our stormwater catchment map to see if you're in our stormwater area. 

Tell us how you stop most of the stormwater leaving your property by storing and re-using it.

Apply now!
Lady standing in a garden with a recycle symbol on her shirt

Are you storing and re-using a lot of stormwater? You may be able to get a discount.