Apply for a standpipe permit

Does your business need to use a standpipe on our hydrants? If so, you'll need a permit from us before you start using it.

Simply fill out this form to apply.

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Start typing the address and select it from the drop down list. If you can’t see your address, please select 'Use your account number' at the bottom of the list or call us on 13 20 92.

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Standpipe details

You can buy one or more standpipes, re-register existing ones or both.

Buying a new standpipe

If we approve your request, you'll need to buy a standpipe from one of our accredited suppliers. We'll send the details with your approval.

You'll pay a quarterly service charge and quarterly water use charges for each standpipe.

Find out more about metered standpipe charges and Prices for your business.

How many standpipes are you buying?

25 mm
32 mm

Re-registering an existing standpipe

If your standpipe has been cancelled from a previously approved permit or you've bought it second-hand from another owner, you can re-register it by providing the meter serial number and meter reading.

You must ensure the standpipe is re-calibrated to ensure it's accurately recording your water use.

Meter number
Meter reading
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